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Dig Defence is a patented drive-in ground fence panel that extends the protection of any fence or enclosed area.  These welded strong 4 gauge steel rods are proudly MADE IN USA and completely galvanized to create a long term (if not permanent) solution. Dig Defence is quickly becoming known as the most cost effective drive-in fencing system on the market.
If you refer Dig Defence to a pet store, pest control company, or fencing company, and that company decides to carry us, we will award you $150 upon verification. Creates a tight ground barrier under your gate preventing erosion and solving any path or rutting issues.

DDAC will not allow animals to burrow under fences – it will save human and animal lives when installed at airports worldwide. Each unit is made from 4 gauge galvanized American steel and can be used for repairing dig outs, filling gaps, or to hold fences down so pets can’t get under them.
Now, Dig Defence is protecting airports from invasive wildlife and creating opportunity for several businesses to expand and grow in other industries i.e. Not only does Dig Defence stop dogs from digging under the fence, Dig Defence also protects against predators and unwanted wildlife such as skunks and opossums.

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