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Hire a dog walker: If you can afford to, or trust someone with the keys to your home, you can hire a dog walker. Chances are pretty good that you (or your neighbor) are not aware of the amount of barking your dog does while you are gone. My chihuahua loves to howl the moment I (or my husband) leave the house or if he doesn’t think anyone else is here. My mom has a dog that will bark whenever people walk pass their home whether or not they are home.
My problem with our lhasa apso is when we go camping we can’t leave her for 5 minutes and she starts. I have yet to own a dog who does this, but sister had to train her dog with bark color and scents.

Our dog only barks at certain things – the cat (of course), a woman with a long flowing dress (I have no idea why) and he barks and attacks his stuffed monkey after a meal. I’ve always wondered if pet owners can control or stop their dogs from barking, which is a natural reaction that they do when they see strangers. I will stare out the window at people just letting their dogs poop in my yard, not clean it up, then walk away. I think hiring a dog walker is the best so they don’t feel alone and they get to spend time with other dogs, it makes them more social.
It may be a little risky to get a dog walker here in my country unless it’s a person that you really really trust. I am so close to getting a giant sign for my yard that says clean up your dog’s crap.

Getting your dog out of the house and with people can go a long way to helping stop your dog from barking when you’re not home. He often stands on the floor at my feet staring at me barking uncontrollably for no reason.
The dogs to our right and left I have a problem with but not because of their barking, they get into my yard, eat the things in my garden, dig holes under the fence and jump at the fence growling at my kids. As a neighbor I’m afraid of the two dogs that growl through the fence and I often feel like I have to keep my kids inside when they are outside just because they can be scary and the dig and get into our yard.

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