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Taste deterrents are designed to stop dogs from licking or chewing things they shouldn’t. If you catch your dog in the act of licking or chewing furniture, distract him by making a loud noise such as banging on the table or hitting on a pot to associate the bad behavior with a unpleasant noise. Your dog might be licking furniture excessively because of boredom, lack of exercise and mental stimulation. You can also train your pet a few easy tricks to as obedience training and use this to distract him from bad habits. It's kind of cute when your best buddy chases his tail or licks your face, but when he starts licking furniture, you may think something's up. However, when they do it excessively towards non-food objects such as beds, couches, sofas, carpets and other furniture, you know something is up.

Deterrents come in bitter or spicy formula and it said that dogs dislike it so much, it is the worst thing they have ever tasted.
If you are using the spicy deterrent, make sure you remove the source of water for a good hour to avoid your dog from reducing the discomfort by watering the taste down in its mouth. You will have to repeat this act for a good week every time the dog does the bad habit and observe if the behavior stops.
This will not only burn off the excess energy in your dog but also allow him to go outside for fresh air, socialize with people and dogs. It is extremely important in the development of dogs to interact with others and feel stimulated.
If you find your pup is licking when he hears loud sounds, eliminate the sounds, if possible.

After two to three weeks, you will see results and can finally have nice furniture and a good dog.
Just like teaching every trick, make sure you have the basic idea on how to start teaching your dog by watching tutorial videos on YouTube.

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