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This condition does not refer to the little bits of rough nail, hang nails or cuticles that you might pick at or bite from time to time. Onychophagia or nail biting is a habit which is more common among children and though it can be prevented, it may be a common habit among adults as well. Nail biting is habit which is regarded as an activity when a person is unaware of what they are doing.
Nail biting is one of the most common stress-relieving habits that may develop in individuals and it may even start from childhood. Nail biting habit is often done unconsciously and individuals may sometimes be unaware that they are biting their nails. Many individuals develop the addictive habit of biting their nails and their nail beds, otherwise known as cold nail biting.
Most older children put their hands in their mouths and bite nail to get relief from stress or boredom.

Biting at the sides of the nails usually results in hangnails or very small open skin flaps susceptible to skin infections. If you are not very happy with your child’s habit of biting nail, try to understand why he precisely does it. Yes, there are in fact other compulsive behaviors such as nail biting and skin picking which are believed to be somewhat related to trichotillomania.
Various factors that might cause you to chew your nails include excitement, stress, inactivity or boredom.
In case, nothing works and he shows signs of anxiety or distress, or bites nails until they bleed, speak to a paediatrist at the earliest. Habitual nail biting is described as continuous biting of one’s nails that goes past the nail bed and cuticles until bleeding occurs. The nail biting habit is often considered a way for individuals to relieve stress.  Many sufferers find it very difficult to eliminate as there is no specific cure for this bad habit.

Individuals aged 30 and above have a lesser possibility of developing such a habit and nail biting is more common in males than in females. Nail biting may also signify an emotional or mental disorder or some sort of anxiety symptoms, particularly when the habit was developed during adulthood. Nail biting is said to be a highly addictive habit wherein an individual bites on his nails from the nail bed.
First, it is important to know the reasons behind nail biting in children and find out the perfect solution. Some children tend to adopt this habit because they’ve seen their parents or friends doing it.  So if your kid is doing it and you suffer from it, stop at once or it may turn into a compulsive habit!

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