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The following are explanation for puppy biting and chewing behaviors.Puppy Oral StageJust like human babies, puppies go through a stage where they explore the world around them with their mouths.
This oral fixation will cause puppies to mouth anything in sight, and that includes shoes, the TV remote control and hands, clothes and limbs. Puppy proofing the home by removing electrical cords, poisonous plants and any small items that can be swallowed, is very important during this stage to prevent accidents.Puppy TeethingPuppies also feel compelled to bite and chew because they are teething.
As teeth start erupting, the gums feel sore and irritated, and the puppy gets relief by chewing on certain items.
Just as in human babies, cold items seem to sooth those irritated gums, which explains why there are more and more puppy toys on the market that can be frozen. While in the litter, the puppy played with his litter mates and mom for a good part of the day and this involved loads of mouthing.
Too bad though that the skin of humans is much more delicate than the skin of dogs!How to Curb Puppy Bitingpuppy bitingWhen puppies go to a new home, they must learn new rules. A very important rule entails developing more finesse when the puppy interacts with his new human friends.

When the puppy used to play with his litter mates he may have occasionally bitten a bit too hard. When this happened, his litter mates would squeal sharply and immediately withdraw from the game. Squeal after squeal, the rough puppy soon learned that, in order to enjoy interrupted play, he had to be a tad bit gentler with his mouth.In a similar fashion, new puppy owners can teach their puppy that human skin is much more delicate than canine skin. Ouch after ouch, the puppy should learn that, in order to play with his human friends, he must learn to further inhibit the pressure of his bite. At some point, when the puppy starts delivering softer bites, dog owners can further raise the bar and start asking for even gentler bites. Some puppies though may take a bit longer or may pose more challenges than others.For instance, singleton puppies or puppies removed from the litter too early may have missed out the important lessons taught in the litter. These fellows may bite harder and may need more guidance than the average puppy raised with his litter mates and moms and sent to a new home at 8 weeks. Some puppies may also get more aroused when they hear their owners yelping in pain, and may consequently bite more and harder.

When the puppy is too rough, the food is removed and fed only once he shows gentler manners. Basically, dog owners will spread peanut butter or Cheeze Whiz on their hands so to teach the puppy to lick instead of bite.
Once frozen, it can be given to the puppy that will certainly enjoy some relief from chewing on the cold cloth.Re-direction is a great way to distract a puppy from chewing on inappropriate items.
When the puppy chews on a shoe, he can be distracted by wriggling a chew toy and praising him when he makes the good choice of leaving the shoe alone and picking the chew toy.

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