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If you rabbit roams freely in your home then it's likely the doors, frames and skirting or base boards are going to be damaged by your rabbit nibbling them. The bottom of doors, door frames and skirting boards all lie at a convenient height, in the path of your rabbit. If you use a closed door to stop your house rabbit having access to off limits areas of your home this can get quite a lot of attention as your rabbit test it's boundarys, especially if it can hear you on the other side.
It's very hard to stop this behaviour and no matter how many times to say NO and it only takes a moment for the damage to be done.
The soft wood your door frames are made of can easily become rounded off by unwanted chewing behaviour.
Chewing is very destructive and even small puppies can do a lot of damage with their little teeth. Over the last thirty-five years I have had usually had five or more dogs living with me at any one time. My take on this issue is that chewing, including extremely destructive chewing, is so common as to be absolutely normal.
Labradors are intelligent, sociable dogs, and are particularly prone to boredom if left alone for long periods.
Dogs which are not taught to accept some periods of solitude in puppyhood, dogs which are left alone for far too long, or dogs that have had traumatic experiences when left alone may develop a disorder called separation anxiety. A dog which becomes very anxious when left, may resort to destroying your possessions, or even the fabric of your home, in order to relieve his anxiety. Which brings us to the point that the act of chewing is in itself, is very pleasurable and calming to many dogs.
Like many other stress busting or pleasurable activities, chewing can become a deeply ingrained habit.

Now we have looked at all kinds of reasons for chewing, let’s make a plan to improve things.
There are a number of problems with punishment in general, but punishment for chewing is especially problematic. If your dog feels rewarded by your attention, even though you are angry with him, it won’t stop him wrecking your stuff in the future.
It won’t work if you punish your dog when you get home, for chewing up the sofa cushions while you were out.
Remember also, that punishing a puppy will not prevent him chewing – he needs to chew and chewing is completely normal and natural for him.
Before we have our first dog, we are all used to being able to put things down on the floor or low tables, and for them to still be there when we come back.
Some puppies and young dogs seem indifferent to the taste and will happily carry on chewing your furniture or baseboards, even when liberally coated in unpleasant substances! A crate in the vehicle is often a better solution until your Labrador has got past the chewing stage.
The problem was that his owner had de-crated him a little too soon, while he was still in the chewing stage. As you can see, chewing is pretty normal, especially in Labradors, and it can last for much longer than early puppyhood. Most experts now agree that destructive chewing is best avoided by reducing boredom, treating any anxiety problems, providing appropriate chew toys, and preventing very young dogs from having access to your more precious things. Our nearly 1-year-old male lab is such a good dog EXCEPT for the destruction of any bed we give him and several blankets and sheets on our bed!
Here in South Africa i have never heard of any Lab owner to crate his dog but must add that Labradors are not kept indoors here.

I am also from South Africa and have a 6month old golden lab, she is also outside during the day and destroys our irrigation system, which we have fixed several times and our porta pool was destroyed yesterday hahaha it is exhausting, but I love her to bits hoping she will grow out of her destructive chewing ways. Find out how to prevent costly damage by protecting these soft wooden edges and discover lots of simple but effective tips like using a pet gate or applying a bitter spray. You can however prevent a lot of this damage using some of the simple tried and tested bunny proofing techniques. To help prevent this its best to provide some safe and acceptable alternatives that can act as a tasty distraction such as chew blocks, willow sticks, wicker toys, and card board boxes. You can apply the spray directly to the affected area or to help stop the spray going everywhere you can also spray some into a cloth then wipe the liquid on. A much better deterrent is to keep a water mister to hand and when you catch your chewing or scratching at a door skirting board spray some mist over it. Today I came home and she has chewed the pew in our hall along with skirting and the stair bannister! Crazy Dog And of course he has a bunch of toys to play with that, but choses not to… BUT, every time I get home he gives me the warmest welcoming with lots of kisses. Lastly don't expect this to stop the problem in itself as you may find your rabbit more then prepared to put up with the taste. I get her bones hides chewys kongs dog toys, and she burys all her things with the countless loaves of bread that she sneaks outside with.

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