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You should apply different techniques to stop dog from jumping based on different situations. If you look at the physical structure of a dog, you should understand that dog's body is primarily designed to run and not to jump.
Below are some suggested tips and techniques to stop dog from jumping excessively in each of the 3 situations. When a dog is jumping over people, it could due to excitement, seeking attention or showing dominance. Like the photo above, the dog is jumping on a child could mean "showing excitement plus with dominance". If he is jumping because of showing excitement or seeking for attention, you MUST completely ignore him and turn your body away.

If he is sitting calmly for about 30 seconds, then you may give him treats and praise him for being a good boy. If your dominant dog continues to jump on you, you should put him on leash with choke collar. You should take the role of the pack leader and invite him on the furniture ONLY WHEN he is a good boy. Use Bitter Apple Spray on the furniture legs; this will create a smell that your dog will avoid. Try to make him in the sitting position before you allows him to climb on furniture, this will train his patience. If you are living in a landed house and if you do not train your dog well enough, the chances are your dog would jump over the garden fence.

DO NOT give him the freedom to run around your garden, put him on leash and collar every time when you are busy.
The Content of this Website is intended as General Information and is NOT Professional Advice. They will jump on other dogs to show that he is the dominance one and take the role of the pack leader.

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