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Most puppies will jump up on people to greet them, and whilst the puppy is young this is often allowed by new doting owners or even sometimes encouraged by accident.
Of course this also helps to further establish your position as the foremost authority around the home, and doing the opposite (responding to his jumps with words and eyes even if intended to scold him) will only do the opposite, teaching the puppy his physical contact on you makes you take notice of him and give him attention which is not good for you or the dog.
It is not fair to allow the puppy to do this, but then expect him to understand when he is suddenly asked not to do it any more, several months later.
By doing this, the dog is confused as his anticipated reward is completely and instantly removed, causing the puppy to think for itself as to why he hasn’t got what he was aiming for out of the situation. In this case, that is to WAIT a little while and try other ways to get the reward (your attention) such as sitting, wagging tail, sometimes barking, but whatever method he tries, we are always progressing as long as he isn’t jumping up. Left unchecked, this behavior can make those wonderful reunions something you actually dread, and no one wants that.So, if a jumping dog is your problem, don’t worry; you’re not alone!

We need to know why it happens to effectively prevent it from happening again.Fortunately, as behaviors go, jumping is a relatively simple one to comprehend. A jumping puppy is cute, but a dog that weighs 60 or more pounds is a force to be reckoned with.Small children and the elderly will be no match for a big friendly dog flying through the air. By removing your hands from the equation, you take away the opportunity for your dog to do this.Your dog is quite clever, and will likely stop trying to jump when they receive no response. But, if you’re not careful, your dog may learn that it gets a treat for jumping and THEN sitting.Use treats sparingly.
It also saves you the necessity of carrying dog treats on your person at all times!What To Do About VisitorsNow that we’ve looked at how to stop your dog from jumping on you, we need to figure how to keep him down off visitors to your home.Strangers can be almost as exciting as owners to a dog, partly because they often greet dogs with extra gusto.
Also, you run the risk of injuring your dog with a sharp knee to the ribcage, which may make them afraid to approach you.

But it will all be worth it in the end.Learn to enjoy your personal welcoming committee, and stop fearing the friskiness!
He is delighted to now shift his focus and share his experiences raising his perpetual puppy, Stitch the Black Lab (and a cantankerous old German Shepherd named Lucy).

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