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Chicken wire is available at your local Builders Warehouse in widths various widths, so measure your flower bed and, if possible, buy a piece wide enough to cover it without a seam.
We also bought metal landscape fabric stakes from Builders Warehouse - in the gardening section - and used them to hold the chicken wire in place. Another easy alternative to stop dogs digging up your favourite annuals is to cover any open areas in the beds with pebbles. Owners spend days and even weeks planting their gardens, only to have their dogs dig them up. Digging holes in the garden is among the most commonly reported behavioral problems of dogs. You might be interested to know that there may be several different reasons why dogs dig holes. To cool off. In this case you are likely to see that your dog sleeps in the pit afterwards.
Unlike certain behavior problems, digging is completely normal for dogs, though not always welcomed by humans. We will talk about this below, but hopefully you now understand that digging provides your dog with physical exercise and exploration. Walking is a necessity for your dog, and it’s a myth that dogs who have a yard do not need to go for a walk.
Take one of your dog’s meals and, instead of simply putting it in a bowl, divide it in 3 to 5 or more parts and hide inside your garden for your dog to discover.
The first time you do this, you probably will have to hide the food in easily accessible locations. NOTE: If your garden is inhabited by animals that dogs prey upon (rats, mice, rabbits, groundhogs and similar), you should get rid of these because if a dog sees his natural prey disappear in a cave, there’s nothing you can do to stop him from going after them. Next step is to make the area where your dog loves to dig either inaccessible or undesirable.
You can fill the hole with rocks or water, install a chicken wire around it, or even put a motion activated dog deterrent (water sprinkler or ultrasound emitter), which is intended for outdoor use.

Note: There may be other techniques to train a dog to dig in a desirable location instead of the undesirable one.
It is also very disappointing to spend months on creating a beautiful flowerbed, just to discover a fresh hole in the middle of it.
In this article you will learn why dogs dig, and how to stop this unwanted, but natural behavior of your dog. To solve your dog’s problem, you will need to investigate what may be prompting your dog to dig because the cause will determine the proper solution.
A dog can literally try to dig prey animals, such as rats and moles, out of your yard, or he can instinctively dig holes in an empty location.
If there is a food left over, it must be preserved and hidden, which is done by burying it. In this case you are likely to see your dog digging around the perimeter, under the fence or near the gates. What’s below mainly applies to a dog digging for fun, exploration and hunting, but some of the tips may also apply to other causes. Instead of trying to train your dog not to dig, you should try to focus his energy on something else. Walking provides exercise, time with the owner, communication with other dogs, and, most important, walking also provides dogs with a chance to explore.
We can guarantee that after those ten days, or even sooner, you will not recognize your dog. Walking is not the only one available, there’s also fetch, biking, swimming, agility and others.
You also want to place one of the pieces in your dog’s bowl, so he understands that it counts as a meal.
You still need to do most of what’s mentioned above because if you don’t, your dog will easily find a new spot to dig in.
This means he needs it, and, if your dog particularly needs it badly, create a spot in the garden where your dog is allowed to dig.

The above methods may work in most cases, but other methods may be needed, especially if your dog responds to things other than food.
Keep your dog happy and exercised, and he won’t need to dig in your flowerbeds for entertainment. I read somewhere that chicken wire laid over the ground would solve the problem, and sure enough, dogs hate getting their nails caught in the mesh.
It not only stops the dogs from digging, it also keeps weeds at bay and serves as a multi-purpose mulch.
To make matters worse, dogs appear to have a natural willingness to dig on a freshly plowed soil.
You are likely to see that your dog is enjoying the process and that he in doing it for no apparent reason.
We are not going to focus on digging to escape here, because digging is not your dog’s main problem.
Create a shaded area, provide a small garden pool or bowl of water, buy a dog house, or keep your dog inside during mid-day when the air is the hottest. The digging may be not gone completely, but it will definitely be reduced, and other misbehavior will diminish, too. But if you want the wire to stay put, you have to take time to carefully bury all the edges and put in plenty of stakes. For example, if your dog digs holes to escape from the yard, beating him will only increase his desire to escape. They may not like when they hit into the wire and change to another area of the yard to dig.Nancy Cope is the owner of four rescue dogs and Pampered Dog Gifts.

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