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High-temperature superconductivity represents a potential breakthrough across multiple fields of technology, from MRIs to levitating trains, hoverboards and computing.
The space agency held another press conference to discuss why Mars has turned from what was thought to be a wet, lush planet (that might have contained surface life) into a cold, desolate place. However, you should now have a much better sense of what happened: NASA has posted large photos from the failed launch on Flickr.
As glorious as a trip into the unknown would be, even just executing these targeting burns is an impressive effort considering how far away from Earth the probe is.

It just announced the US rollout of UberEvents, a service that lets organizers pay for bulk rides to and from their venues.
Instead of posting a link to the song or album you’re listening to, Music Stories offer a 30-second clip from either Apple Music or Spotify. It adds a new twist by letting you use several throughout your home in order to increase coverage to, say a corner office, similar to how Sonos WiFi speaker system works. The shooter has generated hype with a public beta and many Twitch streaming sessions, but for now it’s just one more reason (besides that Warcraft movie trailer) to keep an eye on BlizzCon over the next few days.

There’s an option to continue listening via the streaming service the song or album was shared from, too. And you’ll have the choice of making a purchase from iTunes (for Apple Music) or saving the tracks for listening later as well.

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