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If your pooch is a high jumper or a down right ground digger who can move dirt like a bob-cat we have some solutions to keep your dog in the backyard where he belongs. It’s a lot more troubleĀ  to keep these types of dogs securely in the backyard but it can be done.
Instead of buying brackets and rebuilding your dog fence you may just need to extend your existing fence. No matter how well you build a fence or what measures you use to keep your dog in the backyard nothing is completely dog proof.

If the dog can barely get over a 3 foot high fence you may be able to just extend the height of your fence to 6 foot. It’s unlikely that your dog will get out if you take all these precautions but it can happen. If your dog is climbing the fence, you can replace it with a taller fence that leans towards the inside at the top of the fence. Also be sure to look for areas where the bottom of the fence has cracks between the fence and the ground.

If you have small dogs then some metal wire such as chicken wire can be placed along the bottom of the fence and bent up and nailed in place to keep the wire from moving.

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