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If your dog is trying to escape from a fenced yard, try this fairly easy way to keep a dog from digging under a fence. If you are a dog owner you more than likely have seen you furry free-loader digging in the yard or at the base of a fence. I have a large dog, she is a spotted labrador and at six months old, she is already tall enough to be able to jump up and put her front paws on my shoulders. When we move to the new trailer, i will need some sort of fence to keep her in, but the simple dog fencing my mom has her in now barely holds her and she will get much bigger than she is now, so i doubt it will hold her when she is fully grown. I considered cementing the whole area inside the fence, but then i would have to be out there nearly every day scooping up her poop to keep the yard looking nice, and that is a pain. Around small areas of fence I've found that just putting something like flagstone down keeps my dog from digging (or, at least, keeps his digging from accomplishing anything). Also if its a wood fence you can bury some strips of welded wire or fencing to make it extend below ground level.
My mom suggested burying two stacked rows of solid cinder blocks around the perimeter, and cementing the poles of the wood fence down next to the blocks. Look, this is off-topic, but every dog is different just like every person is different, and some dogs dig. I have seen people around here take some 24" tall fencing and attach part of it to the bottom of the fence, then dig on the inside and bend the fence so it forms an L-shape.
You put forth all this effort just to find out that your dog has been digging under the fence the moment you let your gaze drop from him. Having a dog that digs under the fence or around the lawn in general is a common problem that makes dog owners go wild with frustration. Here, I'll be showing you how you how to stop a dog from digging out and give you some peace of mind.

Once you know the root cause of his digging obsession, you can take the right steps to stop your dog from digging out your lawn.
Here, I'll be showing you the corresponding training response to the associated root cause of your dog digging under the fence. Your dog may have the urge to escape in order to get to something, explore or go somewhere in his field of vision. The most common hint that your dog is digging to escape is when he digs along the fence line or under the fence. Lining the bottom of the fench with chicken wire that lays about 2 feet from the fence line will stop his digging in no time.
Your dog will be deterred by the feeling of the chicken wire on his paws and stop before any damage is done. If setting up a chickenwire barrier sounds like too much work, you can implant or bury rocks along the baseline of the fence. Look for signs of nesting animals along the fence's baseline to see if your dog is trying to catch something.
You don't have to go overboard with the dog house, but think of it as an investment in your lawn. A good indicator that your dog is digging for attention is when you've repeatedly corrected him and he makes it a point to dig in front of you.
Your dog may also dig for attention if you haven't had much time lately for training, exercising him or just showing him some love with petting and positive reinforcement. The bottom line is you need to understand how to resolve ANY dog behavior problem with effective tactics that get results. The answer to all your doggy concerns is on the next page and it comes in a well organized program called "Sit Stay Fetch".

Sit Stay Fetch is dog training made easy and it WILL end every dog behavior problem you can image.
In a matter of minutes, you'll have knowledge that you can start applying immediately to solve ANY kind of dog disobedience. Check it out right now by clicking the arrow below and don't let dog behaviors stand in the way or your life any longer. Their abilities are incredible and it can often take a while before their A dog digging under a fence when you are not around is a life threatening situation for your dog. There are several ways to stop a dog from digging under a fence, including laying wire along the perimeter of the fence.
My own dog used to turn the fence line of my garden into moon craters One of the most frustrating parts of being a dog owner is having your furry friend dig holes under your wood or vinyl fence. Digging is in their nature, it doesnt matter how often you walk them, they dig to cool off, they dig cuz theyre bored, they dig to escape.
On one side of the yard I share a fence with my neighbors who have a dog that spends most of the time outdoors.
The wire on the dog's can be added to most kind of dog fence How to keep your dog from digging under a fence Digging is a common problem with dogs your attention may be enough to convince them to stop digging along the fence.

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