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You can learn a lot from looking at statistics and that’s why it may be a good idea to take a look at your Twitter Analytics page now and then. The lighter it is, the easier it will be to get used to.Choose a wide, flat collar and not a thin round one. Our incredible students show us what they are made of doing manicures and waxing all day long, with our Medical Director taking care of Botox and filler injections.I love participating in this Expo every year because I get the chance to talk to many prospective students, who want to know more about the career opportunities that NIMA can offer them.
Thin and round will be lighter but the wider it is, the less pressure and the easier it is on your puppy’s neck and throat. So get a wide flat collar, but one that is as light as you can find.Choose a collar with quick and easy to use clips and not a buckle fastening.
She said, “When the kids are all in school or moved out, you can get a puppy or go to NIMA.
Do not rise to anger or make any fuss if your puppy doesn’t accept them for many days.

So be patient and eventually they will get it.Try to act as though wearing a leash and collar is no big deal and is completely normal. How To Get Your Puppy Used To A CollarOf course before we can train our puppy to get used to wearing a leash, we have to first get them used to wearing a collar. Repeat this every half hour or 45 minutes for the first couple of days.Then leave it on for 10 minutes in each hour for the next day.
Then 20 minutes in each hour the next day, and so on until you can leave it permanently on.By day 6 or 7 most puppies are used to their collar and comfortable wearing it for hours at a time. Any looser than this and they may be able to slip it off.Putting The Collar On Your Puppy For The First TimeYou want to put the collar on calmly, gently and as quickly as possible.
To help combat this, you can use the power of distraction.Put the collar on before you feed your puppy one of their meals. Call them over to you, ask for some obedience commands or offer them food or a toy and it will redirect their focus and attention away from the leash.Help!

So they learn your pulling is only temporary anyway and their pulling gets them where they want to go. But when used incorrectly and too often, your puppy pulls, feels the leash go slack and then gets yanked back. A puppy can think a loose leash leads to a snap and then try’s to avoid it by keeping the leash tight.
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