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Even though biting is considered as normal behavior, you should also keep in mind that later on, it could pose a serious risk to others, including yourself.
If there is one puppy that is overly aggressive, the others will get after the aggressive puppy for being too rough. Your puppy should take an obedience class and this way, he can interact with other dogs as he gets older. As your puppy gets older and grows into a dog, he needs lots of physical activity, including regular exercise.

Refrain from aggressive behavior with your puppy as that can influence them to continue biting.
While still in the puppy stage, allow the puppy to play with other puppies as they like to interact with each other and sometimes that will include biting.
As they continue to play with each other, the more aggressive puppy will learn to calm down. Give him a chance to play outside so that he can get some fresh air and make sure he gets to walk and play fetch as this can help him to forget about biting.

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