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I have spent most of her training foundation teaching her eye contact and focus and this envious, gorgeous heel that enabled us to get so many blue ribbons. I can literally ask her for eye contact and she can give it to me for 20 minutes or more without breaking at a dog obedience or dog agility class. Agility requires the dog to move out on his own, seemingly ignoring his owner and taking obstacles as they are called out in sequence. I KNOW that most of the time it is our fault and I admonish my kids and husband for yelling at or getting angry with the dog for barking at the cat and then frantically chasing her around the house breaking things.

I thought agility would be a great way for my dog Lilly (an Australian Shepherd) and I to spend time together and to build her self confidence.
They need to offer an agility handler class without using a dog because I am paying too much attention to her and not me! I first had to get my girl to have any sort of confidence to do it and now that she has I have to learn how to run with her to keep her confidence going. About how wonderful my dog is and how blessed I am to have her, but I should have posted it on this site.

My trainer for my dog Makita noticed this and has me trainer her more off leash because I am late on corrections and hesitate alot in just leading her.
She is willing to get on the teeter but if she is off the teeter and hears it, she runs to hide in a tunnel.

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