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Mites can leave bites that look like they came from bed bugs, but not all mites are the same, so let me quickly explain. Scabies mites usually come from another human, can not be seen with the unaided eye, digs into your skin and is the cause of the pimple like bites.
The Northern Fowl Mite comes from birds and can live up to three weeks without its host, but will feed on humans when birds can not be found. First of all, I want to thank every one of you for sharing your story & making me realize I am not alone or isolated in my quest for get rid of these parasites. After the shower I apply the menthol equate lotion from Walmart all over my arms, legs and anus. Funny thing is my dog has eaten the sliced thin garlic cloves every night & over the past 3 weeks, her ears are completely healed, her tummy is 80% better. Let me tell you about our problem… it all started when we went to see a breeder about getting another dog as a companion to our current dog who we have had for 4 years with absolutely no problems.
I know from bitter experience how desperate I felt — like it would never get better — but I PROMISE you, it DOES! So far, we have vacuumed the mattress, my husband bombed our bedroom, and looked for evidence, which is not a lot, but something is getting me.
A year after I noticed that I had red spots on my buttock and it was itchy where I had itched in Egypt they then began to get more itchy and red and start seeping welts formed and I started seeing like tunnels under the skin, this all progressed up my body stomach, arm’s shoulders, face cheeks chin and Scalp it gets very itchy at night to early hours and I get biting sensations.
I went to the doctors finally and after talking to the doc about my entire story I ‘m quite sure they thought I was nuts as I can only imagine how one would sound to a doctor who was seeing patients with runny noses, sore throats and body aches all day then some woman comes in and says she feels crawling sensations and has bites all over her butt back legs and arms. I was told by the Psych doctor that he too has this on his skin and its from stress and he has lived with it for several years. I’m not a doctor and have no medical experience, but by getting the picture up on the site, visitors may have suggestions and leave comments that may help. All I can think of is that my dog sleeps closest to my left side but she doesn’t seem to have any itch problems.
During this time I started getting bites all over me, some in patterns of 3 and some single bites that ‘s a size of a pin head.
My doctor, just to please me ,gave me permethrin cream to rub from head to toe in case it was mites, which did help the first nite. I have the same problem went to my doctor and told him what i have, he gave me pemethrin cream which does kill them as far as the house vacuumed everywhere have used any insecticide that has a high Percentage of pemethrin the fogger made by black jack i believe has it, this is the only thing that kills them, i have a dog and two cats and they have been washed with Hartz flea and tick oatmeal shampoo it also has pemethrin and i have even used it to wash my legs off after I bathe them. My suggestion is to go on ebay and get this pama malam cream from India, which is an ages old formula, get a few containers, it’s much cheaper than the stuff you buy online that has sulpher and much better, it takes a couple weeks to get here.
For the environment you can get enzyme based bed bug killer from home depot online or the Cedar Oil (a little messy). From my research, I have found that one particular insecticide (Bifenthrin) is supposed to be particularly effective. But one thing that is new is that I am now treating the severe bite areas (legs from the knees down) with Hydrocortisone 1% cream (available over the counter) every day and it’s very impressive. Whatever it is, is capable of adapting to all environments and surfaces (carpet, fabric, plastic etc) because I have them in my car as well from transporting items from my old apt. I realize that my post is long but this is a true cry for help since I haven’t been able to get any from the medical community.

I must have read that wrong and thought you were stating it was fleas that were biting you.
I had these mite bites which took me ages to work out they were from mites, however they WERE NOT in my bed.
I’ve been getting bitten by something for the past 2 weeks (which I think is now from mites).
Staying in healthy atmosphere and following healthy lifestyle can prevent you from getting infested from bed bug bites. Bites from itch mites look like a rash, similar to the picture above, and will produce a strong desire to itch which is the last thing you want to do!
Dust Mites do not bite humans, instead, they can harm humans from becoming airborne (as well as their feces) and triggering asthma attacks or make breathing difficult. The web between her paws were crusted, now all the crusted scabs are gone, still somewhat red, her scratching and biting have also decreased by 75%. I looked and looked and couldn’t find what was biting me and the parallels with what you have said makes me believe you have mites, not bed bugs. Get Permethrin 5% cream (this is available over the counter in the UK, or by script in the USA). They post what their bites look like, what critters they see, how they feel but no real answers.
I have welts all down both legs, in my pubic area, under arms, I even had a bite get infected on my arm last week.
They said what they were going thru and how they handle it but no one really had a diagnosis. I still use the cream my doctor prescribed which is generic doxepin cream however I purchased some lotrimen cream for athletes foot and fungus but it also says it helps hook worm, so I used it and it works fast. I went into the doctor because I was going crazy and driving my husband nuts with something biting me. It felt like a chigger bite, which I knew from growing up in Maryland, and I just scratched for about a week then it went away (consistent with the symptoms of a chigger bite), so I didn’t think much about it.
I have been trying to figure out what has been biting me (mostly only from the knees down) causing severely dry, itchy skin and redness. For Dogs and cats, I recommend Revolution, which is a prescription product (see your vet) that you apply just like Advantage. Everyone go and get some of this and let’s all reply about whether it worked for them.
I’m exhausted from cleaning, bought a rainbow vacuum cleaner, replaced all our carpet with hardwood floors, etc. I mix it in a cup of fresh water, it is so bitter, but that is OK, it has allowed me to at least sleep at night & keep the mites from biting me all night long. Apply the cream at night from your neck to the bottom of your soles, being careful to ensure the cream gets into every single crease, under your nails — everywhere, because mites like to hide.
This is very cheap and apart from the ingredients (which mites hate), the sulphur in the soap acts as an exfoliant and helps to remove the debrie left behind by the mites (skin, faeces etc) which is in the top layer of your skin. Also, buy Benzarid from Dermasil and spray it on your furniture, in your car and on your floors.

Needless to say I did not take anti depressants because I am not depressed causing the itchy skin, however the itchy skin is causing me to become depressed so this will not address nor fix the problem.
I examine one and thought it was a bedbug that my husband had brought home from one of his many work trips. I am going to buy a jeweler’s loupe, and from this point on, even the tiniest itch will be examined, and I will be rigorous in my documentation. I was concerned about my legs and feet swelling, thinking I had a sever circulatory problem because they would often get very swollen and painful in addition to being red and bumpy.
I used to just get them on the ankles now they are mainly one my upper body and face while sleeping and other areas during the day. Anyway I have cleared it and went to war on the critters and this is my story on how to effectively kill mites yourself! Eradicate the bugs totally from the house using pesticide can help you to overcome bed bug bites. They bites get inflamed for a day, then turn into a painful pimple that I have squeezed & popped most of them.
I also consume menthol cough drops to prevent them from crawling out of my nose at night, this has helped a lot. It was at this point that my husband and I recalled that the mother dog had had a very poor coat.
A real problem with mites is that the itch continues for far longer than necessary if you don’t get that crap out from underneath your top layer of skin. Sometimes I get a stomach ache from these and also a headache but doctor has me on doxepin capsules for anxiety and it helps me sleep.
Now that is one way of getting our skin to heal but to find what is causing it, well that’s the big question. I just notice I have 4 dots perfect in a row on my leg and I just got the clothes from the dryer. If it was up to me I would get rid of everything I own and start new, but if its in me that won’t help. I normally feel free from bites in all other parts of my house but this place is just intense. But still take your pets to the vet and get them on Revolution for one dose to clean the environment. I do go to the gym often and run with my dog in hopes of clearing my head and finding some positiveness in my life.
I do save some of my odd looking scabs or black specks i find and I check them out with my microscope but I don’t know how to read what things are.
So as soon as I get my epidural (for severe back and neck problems) I plan on getting rid of most of my clothing, extra blankets etc.
The second doctor gave me a cream to use from head to toe and shower off 8-12 hours but nothing is working.

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