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Topline Shepherds -  We only have a couple of litters a year if we are lucky.We are a small Hobby breeder,  We are not in it to make money, we only have puppies to cover food and vet bills. TRAINING FACILITY MUST BE LICENSED AND NOT CHARGE FOR THE DISABLED PERSON FOR THE FULLY TRAINED DOG. WE ADVISE EVERYONE ELSE TO DO FUNDRAISERS TO PURCHASE THEIR DOGS & PAY FOR THE SPECIALIZED TRAINING IF THEY CAN'T AFFORD ONE. CURRENT GORGEOUS AND SWEET GIANT SCHNOODLE PUPPIES NOW 8 WEEKS OLD AND READY TO GO! THESE ARE THE ONLY PUPPIES WE HAVE READY FOR CHRISTMAS!WE HAVE CURRENT PICTURES OF THESE PUPPIES, BUT THEY WON'T LOAD ONTO WEBSITE. 2015! taking on time delivery of your new baby is necessary so our family can enjoy our christmas and you can too with your new baby!  we are now taking pick order deposits on these litters. our ranch is closed for visits (only puppy pick-ups) this is necessary due to  a large and dangerous construction project which should be finished summer 2016.

MOM'S RETIREMENT LITTER!        OUR DAUGHTER AND HER FAMILY HAVE THEIR OUTSTANDING AKC STANDARD SCHNAUZER PUPPIES HERE!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE  OUR KIDS!! litter shown below 1st time outside with our twins and then at 2 weeks old below that. THESE ARE THE ONLY PUPPIES WE HAVE READY FOR CHRISTMAS!WE HAVE CURRENT PICTURES OF THESE PUPPIES, BUT THEY WON'T LOAD ONTO WEBSITE. YOU CAN CHOOSE LARGE FOR BIG DOG LOVERS,(GIANT SCHNOODLE & STANDARD POODLE ) OR SMALL, FOR LITTLE DOG LOVERS, (MINIATURE SCHNAUZER). ALL OUR MINI PUPPIES WILL LOOK SIMILAR TO THESE BEAUTIES.      We are in gorgeous western Montana area and own and live on  a beautiful 650 ACRE ranch and lease another several hundered acres where we raised (and are still raising) our family consisting of twin toddlers, a toddler grandson and four grown children who love to come and help us out often.

We have been involved in Giant Schnauzers for about 37 years also, and even had time in the AKC show ring for several years.                                                                                            Several years ago we joined with a top Standard Poodle breeder in our area who had the same ideas about creating the best possible. We have the Giant Schnoodle in creation after many years of research and raising the upcoming parents of this wonderfully thought out hybrid cross. A lot of people want a big dog, but can't handle the dog hair all over their home and clothing.

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