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In those cases where you just can’t deter your dog you need to consider training your dog to stop digging.
It will definitely be worth it because you will then know 100% that your dog will stop digging. The business incorporates pet care - provided by Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind (CDPOM for short!), a London-wide pet care and dog walking business - dog and cat grooming, delivered to your door by the Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio, as well as the Celebrate group, Celebrate Dogs, Celebrate Cats, etc.

Louise started CDPOM back in 1999 when she recognised that dogs and cats prefer to stay at home when their owners are away or simply too busy. We are just two people who love their own pets and over time have come to know that we can all benefit from the knowledge of best practice when it comes to living in harmony with our animals.
This is great if you have a big enough space to designate an area for the digging to happen, but you won’t want to let your dog dig wherever they like tearing up the whole of your garden.

Even if it is just a walk around the block it is going to entertain them and take their mind off digging.

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