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A previous study conducted by the same team of researchers concluded dogs who are feeling threatened or distressed tend to wag their tails mostly to the left, whereas dogs who encounter something pleasant wag to the right. The purpose of the most recent study was to determine if dogs are able to pick up tail wag information sent by other dogs. All 43 dogs in the study who watched a video of another dog wagging to the left experienced anxiety and elevated heart rates; all 43 remained relaxed while watching video of a dog wagging to the right.
The study authors don’t believe the dogs are intentionally sending signals with their tails, but rather that tail wagging behavior results from the way different emotional signals activate different parts of a dog’s brain. In an earlier study, Vallortigara and his team demonstrated that dogs wag to the right side when they encounter something pleasant (like their owners). The video was shown to 43 dogs, including mixed breeds, Rottweilers, Beagles, Boxers, Border Collies, and German Shepherds, who were equipped with heart rate monitors. Left-brain activity in dogs resulting in tail wagging to the right means they are having a positive response that invites another dog to approach. The study concluded that dogs who see another dog wagging to the left experience anxiety and elevated heart rates, whereas dogs who see another dog wagging to the right remain relaxed. The researchers don’t believe the dogs are intentionally sending signals with their tails, but rather the tail wagging is a consequence of the inner workings of the canine brain.

Professor Con Slobodchikoff says that dogs may be able to express a preference for certain foods using the new technology. In an interview with The Atlantic, Professor Slobodchikoff explained he is using new artificial intelligence (AI) software to record the calls of prairie dogs.
No matter how juvenile or instinctual it may appear, butt-sniffing is a very complicated and scientific process.
According to the American Chemical Society, dogs are literally talking to each other through their anuses. Dogs have a 2nd olfactory system called Jacobson’s organ that allows them to filter out all the everyday scents and go straight to the good stuff.
They also bark to communicate with other animals such as cat, deer, squirrel, fox and other dogs.
Just like us, domesticated animals like dogs and cats are affected by the health hazards of modern living. Out of this was born PetAlive – a range of herbal and homeopathic remedies to help with a variety of ailments commonly experienced by dogs, cats, horses, and small pets. What looks like just another friendly wag to you or me is actually communicating important information to other dogs.

When the video dog wagged primarily to its left, indicating a negative response, the dogs in the study tended to have faster heartbeats than when the video dog wagged to the right or not at all. He is then using the AI techniques to analyse the barks and translate them into English.He explained that from his research, he knew that prairie dogs warn other members of the pack about potential dangers in great detail – even describing a threat as being a ‘thin, brown coyote approaching quickly’. Those study results raised the question of whether dogs notice another dog’s tail wagging and use the information to decide whether the dog with the wagging tail is friend or foe. He predicts that once people get to the point where they can start talking to animals, they'll realise that animals are living, breathing, thinking beings, and that they have much to contribute to people's lives.HOW TECHNOLOGY IS ENABLING US TO UNDERSTAND ANIMAL LANGUAGEProfessor Slobodchikoff explained he is using new artificial intelligence (AI) software to record the calls of prairie dogs. Previous attempts to help human understand animals include the BowLingual.The Japanese device claims to translate barks from dozens of different breeds of dogs, including mixed-breeds.

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