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Providing supervision and correcting the dog for unacceptable chewing may help stop the behavior.
When dogs are young, usually under a year old, it's fairly normal for them to engage in significant chewing.
The real key to stop your dog from chewing, in addition to getting the dog plenty of exercise, is to provide constant supervision. Usually, with attention, correction, substitution, and exercise, most dogs will end chewing behavior.

From my experience with my own dogs, puppies tend to chew on things when they're teething because their gums hurt and itch. I have found that the best way to keep my dog from chewing on things was to get him another puppy to play with!
The only way for me to stop my dog from chewing things was to put him in a room at night with nothing to chew.
So when puppies are chewing on things to relieve these symptoms, I don't think they should be yelled at.

This is a great treat because it keeps the dog entertained for a long time which helps with dog chewing problems. Only if the dog continues to do this after teething is over should disciplinary methods be tried. The puppy chewing problem can easily be solved by giving chewing toys and hard snacks that will massage the gums.

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