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It was the first direct contact of my puppies with a big African antelope, and bear in mind that these dogs were bred by me and whelped in Germany! As the shot rings out the dog readies himself for the instruction, and awaits that command with eagerness.
They also can be of assistance in locating targets initially, but most hunters are pretty experienced at finding what they want as a target before the dog has worked it out.
This absence of ‘giving tongue’ is a slight disadvantage which is greatly outweighed by their silent approach to all other things happening out there in the bush at all times. The human seeks a specific target, but the dog keeps allHowever, should they come across an animal which worries them they will move close to their human and inform him of their concern.

I stopped both my adult RRs and held them by their collars, knowing that we would meet game very soon! From my breeder's perspective it was a perfect example of fixed genetic behavior without training or experience at an age when young wolves learn the first steps of hunting.
The barking came closer and closer, and only with great difficulty was I able to hold both adult dogs (one of them was the mother of the pups).
She was barking, taking evasive action from the horns of the bull, and snapping at his flanks (not biting!). He prevented the Kudu from moving to his left, was leaving the leadership role to his sister, and was enthusiastic about whatever action she took.  So the two puppies brought the Kudu bull directly to me, and to the rest of the pack.

It was not my intention to shoot the Kudu, and I had both my hands full with the two excited adult Ridgebacks; so the Kudu ran past, 20 meters from me. Two minutes later they brought the Kudu bull back to me again from the other side of the bush. She jumped high in front of the Kudu’s head to stop the bull, and was all around him, assisted by Aurus.

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