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I stopped our dog from digging by taking a book and a lawn chair to the hole he was digging. If you have a garden, and use natural fertilizer (composted poop), your dog may find that area to be irresistible.
When we were away from the hole, I would pet him, and play with him, and let him be part of the pack again. So if you only have one dog, and you are gone during the day, he may dig to have something to do. Your dog may also be able to hear the digging and scurrying that is taking place in their kingdom.
If you got your dog as a puppy, make sure you change out toys as he grows to avoid choking hazards.
I did get him to stop digging before we moved, but I wanted to illustrate how determined a dog can be to get to what they want. According to a national survey, more than 83% of American dog owners have dogs that dig holes. Hindering dogs from carrying out their natural, predisposed functions is not good for their health and well-being.
If your dog is digging random holes throughout the yard, he or she is most likely smelling or hearing something underground and trying to get to it. In this case, you could try digging a larger hole for them in an acceptable location in the yard, and try and motivate them to dig only there by burying treats for them to find.As far as the other reasons are concerned, in most cases digging is a natural behavior. Make sure they are getting enough food, but not too much (or they may dig a hole to hide the left-overs ;), and make sure they are kept in an appropriately climate-adjusted environment. These are all things you need to check off your list as a responsible dog owner before attempting to find fault in your dog’s behavior. One of the reasons scientists postulate for this is that animal poop contains nutrients and essential vitamins that the dog lacks in his or her diet. Dogs may also lick poop to smell and taste it so as to get information about either themselves or another dog. Some further believe that eating the poop after the assessment may be a way to remove the evidence that either the dog himself or the other dog were ever in the area. The most common piece of advice that veterinarians give for owners of all ages of dog, however, is to simply bring a bag with you and scoop up poop before the dog has a chance to sniff around it. Dogs make pheromones from glands near their anal opening, and this can give feces a very alluring odor that a dog might want to coat himself in.
Same thing goes for dogs who eat dirt out of boredom: Oftentimes, it is something that is simply there for them to do.
Some dogs eat dirt searching for nutrients they lack in their diets, or a dog may simply be underfed and ravenous.

Finally, some dogs do it because they are anxious, do not receive enough attention, or are doing it intentionally to misbehave.
Dirt may contain too many nutrients, harmful organisms, fertilizers, and pesticides, all of which can make your dog sick. Some common solution to the dirt eating problem:Make sure your dog is eating a healthy, balanced diet. If your dog is overweight, feed her low-calorie food rather than feeding her less of her regular food, since feeding less might be leaving her hungry and desperate to eat something, even if that something is dirt.Play with your dog and give him lots of attention. You do not need to spoil your dog with attention, but just be sure he gets as much as he needs to not feel lonely.Entertain your dog with games and toys to prevent boredom. Your dog may have a digestive disease or a medical disorder that requires professional treatment. Anxiety Poop May 12, 2014+Alex Schenker Sign up to Receive a List Of Foods Not To Feed Your Dog, and Our Best Canine Advice, Free Every Month! Alex now lives happily in Winston-Salem, NC with his wife Michelle and their two dogs Bella (yellow lab mix) and Lily (Brown Carolina dog), and he doesn't take for granted for a second how much meaning canines add to his life, and how many lessons he learns from their love, happiness, and eagerness to live life to the fullest. One wonders though as our planet has a lot going on in it; affirmed recently by a news report I watched on sink holes in Florida and other places. If a dog is getting the proper amount of exercise, which means a nice long daily walk at the minimum, he should not be engaging in this destructive activity. These are two traits that everyone tries to train out of their dogs because the behaviour is destructive and can be dangerous. Recently, when we got into gardening, however, it started to become a nuisance to constantly re-plant our vegetables or flowers that had been dug up, or in some cases replace them entirely only to have them torn out again. I searched out the internet for taser and electric shock collars out of desperation to keep my dog from sabotaging our gardening efforts, but I never could commit to purchasing one of these because it seemed cruel to me. Of course she liked to dig, and as the article said, there is no particular need to try and stop the dog from following natural instinct. However, all of these reasons make perfect sense.I always thought that dogs might dig holes simply to escape or because it was in their nature. I would think a great way to combat this is to make sure to play with your dog as much as possible and to provide them with a number of toys to play with while you're gone.
You might even want to consider getting your dog a playmate.I would stress that dog owners not get too frustrated with this behavior. At any rate, if I see a neighbor or anyone who has a dog in their back yard and there is an excessive amount of canine excavation going on, I will totally think differently than I did before about the safety of the animal. Of course, the exception would be if the dog is digging holes everywhere and just destroying the yard. When I stepped out on the back porch to have some nicotine to go with the humidity, I saw the neighbor dog.

As far as I am concerned, if you are going to own a dog it should not have to live on a chain.Naturally, I mentioned this to the neighbor, who was apparently admiring his lawn.
He pointed to the hole the dog was laying in and said that he would not let the dog loose because it digs holes like that and he did not want his lawn messed up. I mentioned some suggestions to keep the dog from digging or to at least have a specific place to dig, but it was a no go. Sometimes a dog will even try to dig a hole on a bed or on the floor or in another area where it is physically impossible. Maybe they are having separation or anxiety issues and this is how they are attempting to deal with them. Possibly, they could hear or smell bugs or other things that are underground and the hole digging is an attempt to find them.
While there are things which may be done to discourage the behavior, owners should understand that this is a natural trait; even wild dogs exhibit this.
The main things that can be done is just to simply ensure that your dog is well taken care of and healthy, with good food, updated shots, etc. I guess it's a good thing we have not had much rain because otherwise he might actually be digging up grass as well instead of this brown crunchy stuff that has taken over my yard.
Often dogs can be discriminatory in their digging, so it is difficult to pinpoint a particular place and protect.
Digging can be very destructive for your lawn, flower beds, sprinkler systems, plants, and many other landscaping features if it gets out of control. If worse comes to worse, your dog may dig underneath your fence and escape, too, leading to additional difficulties. And, as the article states, many types of digging are instinctual and very difficult to prevent altogether. You can keep this area clear of landscaping and can accept a certain amount of digging in it so both you and your dog can compromise.
This is one reason why a dog pen should be put in an area where it is not easily seen from the street and does not interfere with your landscaping plans. Many of my friends, including me, found helpful tips on puppy training on making our dog obedient and playful.

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