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If your dog is trying to escape from a fenced yard, try this fairly easy way to keep a dog from digging under a fence. If you are a dog owner you more than likely have seen you furry free-loader digging in the yard or at the base of a fence. I stopped our dog from digging by taking a book and a lawn chair to the hole he was digging.
If you have a garden, and use natural fertilizer (composted poop), your dog may find that area to be irresistible. Their abilities are incredible and it can often take a while before their A dog digging under a fence when you are not around is a life threatening situation for your dog. There are several ways to stop a dog from digging under a fence, including laying wire along the perimeter of the fence.

My own dog used to turn the fence line of my garden into moon craters One of the most frustrating parts of being a dog owner is having your furry friend dig holes under your wood or vinyl fence.
If your pet can come into heat or respond to others that do, they may seriously try to dig out from under the fence.
When we were away from the hole, I would pet him, and play with him, and let him be part of the pack again. On one side of the yard I share a fence with my neighbors who have a dog that spends most of the time outdoors.
The wire on the dog's can be added to most kind of dog fence How to keep your dog from digging under a fence Digging is a common problem with dogs your attention may be enough to convince them to stop digging along the fence. So if you only have one dog, and you are gone during the day, he may dig to have something to do.

Your dog may also be able to hear the digging and scurrying that is taking place in their kingdom. This may be an irresistible game to play, until you get the uninvited guests under control.
If you got your dog as a puppy, make sure you change out toys as he grows to avoid choking hazards. I did get him to stop digging before we moved, but I wanted to illustrate how determined a dog can be to get to what they want.

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