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If your dog is always trying to get away from you, and scanning the horizon for fun (rather than engaging you in play), it may be an indi- cation of a relationship problem. Also, dogs who appear to be indifferent to food sometimes just haven’t found the right food yet.
Clicks to you for being aware of and concerned about the dangers of keeping your dogs without their identification on at all times. Some dogs, when left home alone together all day, find destructive ways to entertain themselves, like chewing off each others’ collars. Actually, your chew-proof collar question made me think of a whole new application for a collar that I previously had no earthly use for. The only time he was unable to free himself was when the buckle collar was too tight for safety or comfort. Bear is not motivated to do what you want, and he has discovered a very successful strategy for getting to do what he wants instead.
A good positive trainer will have access to a virtual smorgasbord of treat options to experiment with in order to find a food that Bear will work for. I can give you a solution for the collar-slipping problem, but that won’t solve the relationship problem.

I also don’t want to use choke collars for fear they could get snagged on something and do as their name implies. That’s a bigger challenge, and one that needs to be addressed in greater detail than we have room for here. Be sure to look for one whose philosophies are aligned with yours before putting Bear’s training in his or her hands. We use this to desensitize dogs who are fearful of the clicker, by starting with a very soft Click!
I would test it for short absences at first, to make sure your dogs don’t ignore the pain and cut their mouths up on the spikes. The others are not escape-proof, however, particularly for a dog who has found collar-slipping to be a successful behavior strategy.
They may have access to veterinary products that are used to prevent dogs from chewing on bandages, products that are significantly more bitter and bad tasting than Bitter Apple.

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