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Many former racing greyhounds have their lives on hold in cages because adoption groups cannot find enough foster homes. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Prison Greyhounds is an all-volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization.
We have also created a campaign called A TICKET HOME to raise necessary funding for the transportation of retired greyhounds from the Daytona Beach racetrack to various adoption groups (not just ours) in non-racing states. Apartment life is great for Italian Greyhounds, as they can be active indoors and do not require a yard. In addition we foster special greyhounds in volunteer homes that have retired because of racing injuries.

Often these adoption groups already have responsible adopters waiting for one of these dogs.
However, this breed is a sighthound, and is very visually motivated, so a Greyhound gets distracted by movement. A reliable recall is hard to establish, and smaller dogs and other small animals will probably be persued.TemperamentGreyhounds, despite their athletic appearance, are calm gentle dogs.
They enjoy socialising with people and dogs, but tend to present thelselves for you to appreciate them, rather than indulging in the dashing around of other breeds.Attitude towards strange dogs and peopleWith strangers the Greyhound is aloof. This usually manifests in an attitude of, "You may approach and adore me, but I'm not that interested in you!" They generally are too laid back to make good watch dogs.Grooming and sheddingThe short, thin coat is very easily cared for with a once a week grooming.

Here is advice on training, grooming, feeding, health care, and bringing retired racing dogs into the household. Greyhounds don't shed very much at all.ExerciseContrary to appearances Greyhounds do not need vast amounts of exercise. A poorly bred Italian Greyhound may suffer from low bone density, causing the dog's bones to be sensitive and break easily; well bred Italian Greyhounds generally do not have this problem.

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