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This luxury London leather dog collar from Bobby is part of their range designed specfically for breeds with sensitive necks such as greyhounds, salukis and afghan hounds. The London dog collar is made from black lambskin leather, with a wonderful cross hatch stitched design, encrusted with delicate Swarovski crystals. The Jolly Roger Italian Greyhound collar is perfect for any hound with a tendency to walk on the wild side. Shown here in our regal looking purple leather with smoked topaz and topaz crystals, choose from any of our leather colours, and then one large and one small Swarovski crystal colour to create your custom made designer dog collar. Whether you have an Italian greyhound, whippet, saluki, greyhound, lurcher, or any other breed of sighthound, we can make the Jolly Roger in a size perfect for them. We can make a matching lead to go with the Jolly Roger collar, featuring the same pattern of skull and crossbones with Swarovski crystals running for approximately five inches at the base of the lead next to the clasp.

We'll custom make your leather collar by hand as soon as we receive your order and will usually have it made and sent out to you within ten working days.
To measure their current collar you'll need to measure from the buckle prong to the most worn hole.
This entry was posted in Greyhound Lifeline Shop and tagged Greyhound Merchandise, House Collars by Kev.Bookmark the permalink. We cannot speak highly enough of Greyhound Lifeline – not just for matching us to Choc, but also because we think they do a fabulous job caring for the greyhounds and finding them forever homes. With 10 rich colours to choose from you can mix and match any combination of embossed design to create your own unique Celtic Leather Dog Collar.
Skull and crossbones mixed with Swarovski crystals make this an eyecatching collar which can be made in a huge variety of colours to suit any dog.

There are a couple of ways of selecting the right size; measuring your dog's current collar or measuring their neck.
This will give you the optimal collar size for your dog, so you would then order the collar size most suitable to that measurement. The amount of embossed designs that can be fitted on the collar will largley depend on, how large your dog's neck is and the style of collar you choose. Please email us prior to ordering with your ideas so we can assess whether your design choice will fit on your Collar.

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