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Betty is a short Black bully pocket pitbull and thick.Betty is a Black and white Pocket pit bull. Females Page 2Our females come from the best Razors Edge pitbull and Gotti pit bull bloodlines available and produce short, thick, bully, blockheaded pit bull puppies. Betty produces Blue pitbull Puppies, blue brindle bully pitbull puppy's.She is low as low can go.

In various colors, including blue pit bull like blue fawn pitbulls, blue brindle pitbull, black pitbull, champagne pitbulls, tri-color pitbulls and white pitbulls.
As a blue pitbull breeder, we place heavy emphasis on owning and breeding Champion blue pitbulls with added size (American bully pitbulls).
We formally invite you to view our selection of champion purebred pitbull puppies for sale.

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