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That plus coming off the tail-end of the pharmaceutical seemed to stop all the symptoms of itching, biting and crawling for approximately the next 4 months. Getting the labwork done and seeing Nancy are the two smartest things I did throughout my ordeal. Morgellons for me is like that impossible teacher I had in my youth. The lesser dosage has been fine for keeping her symptoms of crawling, biting and stinging away. I stopped the Ormus because I wanted to document F-6, which has gotten quite a buzz in the Morgellons community.

By the third cookie, I was having full-blown symptoms of itching, stinging and biting sensations (no crawling, thank God!). This is the third time it's changed. Feb 3, 2013 Just an acknowledgment that I just passed my 3rd anniversary since getting sick with Morgellons.
Stopped taking thieves after a few weeks but do still take lemon and added in lemongrass and grapefruit to my daily capsule. Note that when I ceased treatment, the papercut and pinprick lesions stopped, although I recently had a three-inch long "scratch" appear on my leg weeks after stopping his treatment some weeks back.

There is another person that was on the protocol with me and she has had continuing difficulties after getting off the protocol as well. Few people know this, but it's very important that word get out.

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