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German Shepherd dog puppies are very smart and as they grow they become loyal canine friends. German Shepherd puppy training socialization tips:Never separate a puppy from his mother and littermates before the age of 7-8 weeks. German Shepherd puppy dogs have sharp teeth for a reason: to learn how to use their mouth properly. House training German Shepherd dogs can be a bit stressful, but if done correctly, you can accomplish it in one week!
Training Stand to your German Shepherd puppy: Once your pet is sitting, the next command is to teach him to stand.
Training down to your German Shepherd puppy: You will also use luring to train this command. Best Golden Retriever Training Guide Dec 03, 15 09:14 AMGolden retriever training is easy and fun with positive and effective methods. Now that you’ve got yourself your very own GSD puppy do not waste any time and start training right away.

Socialization will ensure that your puppy grows a strong bond with you without developing a problematic over-protectiveness.
Potty training a German Shepherd puppy successfully  will require your full attention, patience and consistency. Ask your pup to sit when a stranger wants to pet him, for attention, for the ball to be thrown, etc. One of the most important rules is body language communication. After you get your baby German Shepherd and visit the vet, start socialization RIGHT AWAY!
If you have at least three options, then your smart German Shepherd won't be able to predict what you will ask. Here you will find what you MUST do during weeks 8-12 of puppy-hood to prevent behavior problems in the future, as well as training tips to make your life a little easier during this period of time.
Unfortunately many vets will tell you not to take your puppy out of the house until they have had all of their shots. You will also find step-by-step tutorials to teach basic commands and start your pooch in his life long learning adventure.

Adult dogs that have had this kind of training can get into fights and defend themselves without drawing blood.
From weeks 8-12 you can start teaching your canine many commands, however I strongly advice you keep your focus on socialization, bite-inhibition and potty training. Without the full set of shots, your puppy is vulnerable to infectious diseases, however taking your pup to early socialization clases where all other dogs have also been immunized reduces the risk for becoming sick AND will make your German Shepherd a confident, well adjusted and friendlier dog. If not, don’t worry and start German Shepherd puppy training after week 12 (although socialization should never formally stop). If any of the kids or adults make your puppy a little scared, simply remove the threat and let the puppy explore other things.

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