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Our fact files for kids are full of amazing information on every subject; they are quick, unique and great way to learn fun facts together with your kidsPicture of MercuryFun facts about Mercury would not be complete without a picture of the planet! Our fact files provide a great way to learn fun facts together with your kids, and our funny videos contain facts about every subject and are guaranteed to help with knowledge retention making the whole learning process quick and easy.

The surface is very rocky and almost completely covered in craters; it has been heavily scarred from meteorite collisionsFun Fact 6Possibly the largest crater or impact basins in the solar system can be found on Mercury. Planet Mercury does not have any Moons, it is one of the few planets which has no moons or satellitesFun Fact 9Sometimes Mercury is clearly visible in the sky. Earth takes 24 hours, or one day, to rotate from day to night mercury moves so slowly it takes 59 days!Fun Fact 15There is no possibility of life on Mercury!

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