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The app is a slide show that has 50 cool pictures of my clients’ dogs, along with a fun trivia fact or trainer truth. If you love dogs and puppies you probably spend as much time around them as possible, and no doubt enjoy learning more about all things canine related. Out of their five senses, the first sense that develops and becomes utilised in the baby dog is that of touch. Puppies are born without their teeth- their first set of baby teeth start to develop from around four weeks old onwards. Puppies are not born with a sense of smell either- Surprising when you consider that the sense of smell is the most utilised sense of the adult dog. Puppies may potentially be rejected by their mother if they are born by caesarean section and cleaned before being given back to them, as the dam may be unable to recognise the puppy as their own.
Puppies are most likely to interpret a person smiling at them as a sign of aggression if the person is showing their teeth! Dogs don't sweat like people do- the only sweat glands on the dog are on the pads of their paws. The average dog is thought to be about as intelligent as the average two year old child, according to research by leading animal psychologists in America. The dog's shoulder blades are not attached by bone to the rest of their skeleton, instead being held in place by muscle and ligament.
Male dogs urinate by cocking their legs in order to increase the amount of area they cover with their urine, and ergo scent mark a particular area more thoroughly. While most dogs like to swim, some dogs cannot swim at all- most notably dogs with heads which are proportionally large for their body size (which causes them to tip forwards and not be able to keep their heads above the water) and brachycephalic dogs (dogs with squashed up looking faces, like boxers and pugs) as they cannot both regulate their breathing and swim simultaneously.

When frightened or to indicate submission, dogs will tuck their tails between their legs- this is in order to cut off access to the scent glands around the anus, which carry identifying information about the dog which can easily be 'decoded' by other canines. The three breeds of dog which are thought to be at the top of the canine intelligence scale are the Border collie, the poodle, and the golden retriever.
The nose prints of a dog are as unique as a person's fingerprints, and can be used to definitively identify an individual dog. Contrary to popular belief, dogs can see in colour, although their colour spectrum vision is not as sensitive as that of humans, and they often have many of the same visual traits as colour blind people. Dogs have no sense of time in the same way that we do, although their body clocks dictate their need for food and going to the toilet, which is why owners often think their dogs are responding to specific times of the day with a conscious awareness of time passed. Funny Pictures, Hilarious Animal Photos, Cool Pictures, Strange and Crazy Pictures and Funny Videos Updated Daily. Booktopia - 100 Facts : Dogs and Puppies, Projects - Quizzes - Fun Facts - Cartoons by Camilla de la Bedoyere, 9781842369692. Get ready for a walk through the canine world and find out why dogs are our best friends with exactly 100 bite-sized facts. Fascinating facts - along with amazing photographs, beautiful artwork and detailed diagrams - give young readers the perfect introduction to the canine world. Numbered facts help children to keep track of what they've read and encourage them to read on.
Whatever your level of knowledge, here are a few common dog myths de-bunked, and a few interesting facts which you may not know about man's best friend. But they don't keep them for long- at four months old, your puppy will begin to lose his baby teeth and grow his adult set.

Male puppies do not cock their legs to urinate until they become older, and as young pups, both male and female dogs urinate in the same way by squatting.
The least intelligent dogs are considered to be the Afghan hound, the Basenji and the Bulldog.
Projects and activities, quizzes and hilarious cartoons throughout make learning much more fun. From the ancient cave paintings it can be concluded that even before the starting of human civilizations from the ancient times dogs were used by the humans for the hunting and preventive purposes from the other animals.
Finally, a simple and fun way to learn a bit about raising a well mannered puppy, and dealing with common dog behavior problems.
With the beginning of human civilization, domestication of animals also begins and the dog was one of the most faithful animals among them. As per this historic background, the bonding between the dogs and humans is still very strong due to a faithful, kind and caring behavior of dogs towards humans. Apart from these activities the main reason behind this bonding is that dogs are also very intelligent by mind and able to memorize about 250 words, signs and gesture.
Due to strong-smelling and the power of vision dogs are able to easily trace back to their ways even in a crowded place. So with the help of these fundamental facts given in these photos you will be able to understand your dog in a better way and can make a dog trained according to your desire.

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