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I promised a companion article to Dogs for Vets: a great idea, but screening Vets for Pets is also important that would stress the importance of ensuring anyone, not only combat Veterans, who is considering getting such a trained animal must be screened. What I am saying is that the last person I would give a rescue or companion dog is to someone who tells a group of people publicly that they still get a thrill out of killing small animals.
Readers if the incidents of animal abuse related to domestic violence within the military community were not a problem that brochure would never have been in a military mental health facility. Once again I want to stress that this article IS NOT solely directed at Veterans or Military Families, but reflects facts within our American society as a whole. Between 25% and 40% of battered women are unable to escape abusive situations because they worry about what will happen to their pets, should they leave.
Pets may suffer unexplained injuries, health problems, permanent disabilities such as the dog at right with a broken jaw and disfigured by being yanked off the ground by his collar and kicked at the hands of abusers, or disappear from home. Abusers kill, harm, or threaten children’s pets to coerce them into sexual abuse or to force them to remain silent about abuse. Investigation of animal abuse is often the first point of social services intervention for a family in trouble. Contact your local humane society, SPCA, animal control agency, or veterinarian to see if they have temporary foster care facilities for pets belonging to battered women.
Work with animal shelters, veterinarians, and rescue groups to establish “safe haven” foster care programs for the animal victims of domestic violence; some women’s shelters are building kennels at their facilities.
A correlation between animal abuse, family violence and other forms of community violence has been established.

A survey of pet-owning families with substantiated child abuse and neglect found that animals were abused in 88 percent of homes where child physical abuse was present (DeViney, Dickert, & Lockwood, 1983).
Several states require veterinarians to report suspected animal abuse and offer veterinarians who report cruelty immunity from civil and criminal liability. Some states require animal control officers to report suspected child abuse or neglect and receive training in recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect.
A few states permit child and adult protection workers to report suspected animal abuse or receive training on identifying and reporting animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. While observing a PTSD rap session at the Dayton VAMC, one Vet brought his companion dog in to be a sort of break the ice  with the group that I found commendable, however another Vet talked about how he still enjoyed killing small animals in his backyard. THAT is why anyone with anger issues must think twice, no ten times, to ensure WE get those anger issues under control BEFORE seeking or getting a dog of any kind. Disturbed children kill or harm animals to emulate their parents’ conduct, to prevent the abuser from killing the pet, or to take out their aggressions on another victim.
Domestic violence victims whose animals were abused saw the animal cruelty as one more violent episode in a long history of indiscriminate violence aimed at them and their vulnerability. Invite representatives from these agencies to train your staff on how animal abuse cases are investigated and prosecuted: offer to train their staffs and volunteers about domestic violence issues.
Child and animal protection professionals have recognized this link, noting that abuse of both children and animals is connected in a self-perpetuating cycle of violence. THAT is why it is extremely important that everyone be screened BEFORE getting such an animal, especially if the dog is trained – most organizations do just that given the cost involved.

Child Abuse, Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse: Linking the Circles of Compassion for Prevention and Intervention. When animals in a home are abused or neglected, it is a warning sign that others in the household may not be safe. In addition, children who witness animal abuse are at a greater risk of becoming abusers themselves.
Abuse of children and abuse of animals: Using the links to inform child assessment and protection. Domestic Violence: A Competency-Based Training Manual for Florida’s Animal Abuse Investigators.
Child abuse, domestic violence, and animal abuse: Linking the circles of compassion for prevention and intervention.
The abuse of animals and domestic violence: A national survey of shelters for women who are battered.

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