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All dogs bark, but if you're finding that your dog is barking all day and night, it's time to take action. According to animal behaviourist Dr Jo Righetti, "barking is the most commonly reported problem to local councils and if you have ever lived with, or next door to, a barking dog you will understand just how annoying and how loud it can be.
I like to think of dog barking as a symptom and to treat that symptom, we need to understand the cause. Dogs bark to communicate with each other and us, and no owner should expect to have a completely silent dog.
Think of barking as a symptom – simply stopping your dog barking doesn't resolve the real problem. If the dog barking problem is more deep-rooted, however, seek help from either a trainer for noisy puppies and young dogs, or a behaviourist who can help with persistent barking or howling problems in older dogs.
Dogs love to be with and please their owners, so it’s only natural that they should seek our attention. A dog who lacked early exposure to people, other puppies, friendly adult dogs, different sounds, various environments and the world in general often ends up with a fearful attitude outside the most familiar environment.

The dog who lunges, barks and growls at approaching people or dogs may do so out of aggression, but most reactive dogs respond this way from fear and have learned their aggressive-appearing reaction makes "scary" things go away.
The first option should always be training to correct your dogs behavior, but if that doesn't work there are now electronic barking collars available - however, I don't recommend these, for reasons I explain in my free ebook on Jack Russell training.
Dogs bark for different reasons, so if you address the root cause of the barking, you may be able to reduce the problem even without training. It's unreasonable to expect dogs to be quiet if there is a knock at the door, for example – it's their duty to tell us someone's there!
Also, make a note of when your dog barks and the type of sound it is, so you can address the underlying emotional causes of dog barking better.
It's best to try to use a few simple training methods first as a lot of "excessive" barking problems can be fixed fairly easily. Here are some of the possible causes of barking problems: anxiety frustration territoriality overexcitement fear lack of exercise lack of play and attentionAsk yourself if any of these may fit your dog. Most owners start shouting at their pets to quieten down, which invariably will not be interpreted by your dog as a sign of agitation, but as you joining in with the barking!

Approach rehabilitation with fair expectations — a dog who genetically lacks solid nerves or received inadequate socialization while young may never become friendly, but can usually learn safe tolerance around people and dogs. The behavior is self-reinforcing.So the best method of dealing with barking is preventing the cycle of excessive barking from ever beginning. Yelling at your dog isn't going to work here.Some dogs will bark like maniacs only in certain circumstances - for example, when you get the leash out to go for a walk. Screaming "Be quiet" does not stop dogs barking - in fact it will probably make the problem worse.

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