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Well look no further we have compiled over a thousand Dachshund dog names for you to look over.
Appearance of Shih-Tzu Dog The Shih-Tzu Dog breed is a tiny, strong little dog with large dark eyes and a short muzzle.
Drop ears are enclosed with elongated fur, and the greatly furred tail is carried coiled over the back.
The Shih-Tzu Dog fur may be of any color, although white and with blazes of white are often seen.
The Shih-Tzu Dog breed is somewhat longer than bigger, and tall dogs ideally carry themselves with noticeably proud carriage. For conformation presentation, the fur of the Shih-Tzu Dog is required to be left in its natural condition, although trimming for tidiness around the anus and feet is allowed.Height and weight of a Shih-Tzu Dog The Shih-Tzu Dog breed of dogs is also called as the Chrysanthemum Dog or Chinese Lion Dog.

The height of both Shih-Tzu Dog male and female dogs assumes the same body weight that ranges from five kilograms to seven kilograms.
Temperament of a Shih-Tzu Dog Even though the temperament of a Shih-Tzu Dog breed varies between dogs, the breed has a character and nature that are faithful, loving, alert and outgoing. Owing to its gracious nature, this Shih-Tzu Dog breed is inclined to interrelate well with other dogs, including with adults and children. The Shih-Tzu Dogs can as well, turn out to be deprived and cry if not disciplined appropriately at the right age. Overall, the Shih-Tzu Dogs are gracious and outgoing escorts.Colors and fur of a Shih-Tzu Dog The Shih-Tzu Dog breed comes in a variety of colors, such as white, gold, black and brown. Hence, when two Shih-Tzu dogs mate, there is likelihood that the fur of the offspring will be similar to their mom's color, dad's color, tricolor, or a blend of the color of both parents in one classification.

A fascinating point is that while the Shih-Tzu Dogs color of the fur of those with black colored skin is decided by the color of the fur itself. The color of fur on dogs with either liver or blue color is classified by the color of the pigment. Thus, a partial colored Shih-Tzu Dog breed with blue pigment is a white and blue, despite the shade of the hair which may resemble white and gold or other colors. Sometimes the Shih-Tzu Dogs may have dark brown pigments between the armpits and near the shoulders.Health of a Shih-Tzu Dog Some health problems in the Shih-Tzu breed are hip dysplasia and portosystemic force of the liver in normal sizes.

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