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All can be symptoms of worms, bacteria, food allergies, indigestible materials in the dog's system and a potential virus or illness. By fasting, you are ridding the dog's system of any harmful toxins or indigestible foods. After the initial bout of vomiting and she has been stable (not vomiting) for more than an hour, you can slowly reintroduce small amounts of water and bland food (chicken broth and rice) to her diet. Home treatments such as these can be efficient in most cases, but if your dog is acting strangely other than the vomiting or if there is blood in her vomit, if her vomiting persists more than a day or if you suspect she has been exposed to poisons, you need to consult your veterinarian. Often, especially in the Midwest when seasons change from bitterly cold winters to hot and humid summers, dog owners notice a large decrease in the amount of food and treats their dog takes in.

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In situations like this, where the dog is perfectly healthy yet has a decreased appetite, there is nothing you need to do--he will eat when he is hungry. However if he is exhibiting other symptoms along with his loss of appetite such as lethargic or fatigued behaviour, vomiting or diarrhoea, you should try a home treatment. Home treatments for loss of appetite should only be used when there are no other symptoms of illness in the dog.
For example if the dog is stumbling or having problems chewing, there may be an underlying reason he is not eating.

Other reasons for loss of appetite might be constipation, the dog doesn't like the food, depression and a change in routine at home such as recent move or new addition to the family. There are many different kinds of dog food, and it is important to feed your dog a diet with as few preservatives and additives as possible. Eliminate any access he has to compost piles, garbage or other harmful and toxic chemicals or substances.

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