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I decided to weed through many of the loose leash walking training videos you can find on youtube to list out the best. LOOSE-LEASH WALKING is a 4-week, private service that teaches you structured techniques on how to walk your dog on a loose leash.
The training overview in week 1 takes place at your home, while the remaining 3 classes take place outdoors, including parks, streets, and other high-distraction settings. Some people assume that a large backyard will provide sufficient exercise for their dog, however, an enclosed environment only serves as a fish tank does to a fish. You will acquire the tools and knowledge required to make for a comfortable walking experience.

The dog will learn to follow you, amidst turns and speed changes, and while going up and down stairs.
In fact, neither a large backyard nor a dog park will provide dogs with the necessary structure and guidance they so very need.
Understanding how to effectively walk your dog is the first step in establishing the leadership role in your dog's life. Enrolling in this curriculum will equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve a fun and hassle-free walking experience with your dog.
It's found that dogs that walk on a regular basis live longer, happier lives and are less likely to develop arthritis, joint problems, and weight issues.

Your dog WILL be able to distinguish between the two and you’ll still be able to take your dog out and about while you are still training. In addition, walking provides them with mental stimulation and introduces them to new environments, smells, and sounds. You will eventually only use the no-pull harness and can easily transfer those skills to a regular buckle collar when you and your dog are ready.

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