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It is incredible but clearly true that these old school techniques and methods are not only still being used but they are being promoted and taught too.
Firstly, the dog walking or running to the owner is completely different to being PUT there by force.
The second reason this method does not work is because we are introducing an element of fear into the command. These creatures are highly intelligent and it is their own natural survival instincts which won’t allow them to forget anything remotely threatening in a hurry. This is not positive Dog Training, I would almost argue it’s not dog training at all, but unfortunately these methods will at times get results with some dogs. The best example of the importance of not punishing the dog is found in this very example, of training the recall command. There are no marks for how quickly you can train your dog, it is all about how WELL the dog is trained. One of the worst things people do when they are trying to train a dog for recalls is to punish a dog who hasn’t come right away. From the very first second you begin training your dog to obey a new command, you have a clear-minded dog with nothing positive or negative to associate with this command as he has never heard it before.
The problem is that a dog which learns through fear or threat of stress or discomfort, will live under that level of stress whenever it is commanded to do anything.

Once you understand this and, more importantly, discipline your emotions and your actions, training becomes much easier. Too many people teach this command to a reasonable standard, and then spoil it when they have nearly perfected it by punishing the dog in some way when he does not recall quickly or accurately enough. Of all the commands we teach our dogs, this is quite probably the most important command of all.
But he’s also likely to come into contact with other people, and, of course, other dogs. The purpose of this cue is to have another tool for absolute emergencies-if your dog is heading toward a busy highway, for example, or a potentially dangerous wild animal. Okay, if the puppy never failed to come then this would never need to be carried out but we all know that it would happen many times during the course of training. As soon as you show any anger or aggression towards the dog, this is permanently imprinted in his memory relating to this command and it is almost impossible for him to forget it.
What you should be trying to do is to make it as easy as possible for the dog to understand how to gain the reward.
What it means is that you reward the dog ONLY when he does what you want, and you NEVER punish the dog for not obeying the command.
This means taking very small steps and slowing down or going back a stage if the dog ever looks like he is getting confused or disinterested.

Expose your dog to people of different ages and ethnic backgrounds, who may wear different styles of dress. You simply take the challenge of your failures upon YOURSELF, as it is YOUR duty to make the dog do what is required without causing stress or fear, and THEN reward.
Try to get your dog used to seeing people with umbrellas and people in wheelchairs.Make Sure Your Dog Is Always ComfortableExposing your puppy or dog to a variety of experiences is very important.
This might take more intelligence, more resourcefulness, more imagination, but then if someone can’t manage that then I would debate whether dog ownership is for such a person! But you must make sure the experience is a positive one for your dog.It helps to bear in mind that your dog is always learning.
She may learn that certain things or people are scary, unpleasant, or even dangerous.Watch your dog. If your dog tends to be under-confident, take special care in exposing her to other dogs and people.

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