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Here at Sit Means Sit South Denver, we are always excited to learn of dog friendly spots in the Denver area.
As a leading provider of Denver dog training services, it is our mission to train happy, confident, and obedient dogs, resulting in happy, confident and satisfied pet owners. Watch What You Feed Them: It is important to avoid feeding your dog table scraps throughout the year. Talk to Your Guests: When you invite guests into your home, especially at meal time, be sure and discuss your dog training rules with them. Even if your dog loves the winter weather, keep in mind that over exposure to extreme temperatures can be hazardous to their health.
If your dog is particularly sensitive to the sound of the doorbell, do your best to deter visitors from ringing.
Here at Sit Means Sit South Denver, we have worked with dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. Here at Sit Means Sit South Denver, we are in the business of training happy, healthy pups of all ages. As leading providers of dog training services in south Denver, we have had the opportunity to help hundreds of dogs and their owners. From hiking trails to parks and restaurants, we are in the constant pursuit of dog friendly businesses and places to visit. If you, or a loved one, are in need of Denver dog training services, we encourage you to contact us today!

On behalf of the entire Sit Means Sit South Denver family, we would like to wish you and yours a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Discourage them from feeding your pup and help them understand the methodology behind the Sit Means Sit dog training program. We hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love and laughter and we look forward to continuing to assist with your dog training needs throughout the coming year. Though no two dogs are the same, breeds do have certain characteristics that make them unique.
We always encourage dog owners to consider their lifestyle choices carefully when selecting a breed.
Come back often to discover news and information on dog friendly restaurants and more throughout Denver. Make sure all of your guests are prepared to help support our training efforts to avoid confusing your pets.
Learn why so many of our customers consider Sit Means Sit South Denver to be part of their family. At Sit Means Sit South Denver, we are proud to offer a wide variety of Denver dog training services including: puppy training, group classes, obedience training and much more. From the timid to the rambunctious, the active to the lazy, it’s your responsibly to select a dog that will naturally acclimate to your family’s lifestyle. If your dog is an indoor dog, allow them enough time outdoors every day to exercise but don’t leave them outside for excessive amounts of time.

If your dog is in need of training services this winter, we encourage you to contact us today! Contact us today and allow us to help you understand why our approach to dog training Denver is second to none! These small hound dogs are fast and energetic, requiring lots of exercise, particularly when they are puppies. No matter the breed or age of the dog, it’s critical to have a training plan in place from the time you make the decision to adopt. We hope you will take this information to heart and share it with your favorite fellow dog owners. If you are seeking a loyal, smart and active dog, of a smaller stature, a beagle just might be the perfect fit!
From group dog training lessons to one on one sessions, we are here to meet all of your Denver dog training needs. Finally, never offer ice to a dog experiencing extreme heat exhaustion as ice can drop the body temperature too rapidly causing shock.

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