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These dogs will not only help children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders interact with other children as well as other adults, they can also ensure their daily safety. We offer service dogs and service dog training for a variety of special tasks and customize each dog to meet the individual needs of the client. Unlike many other programs, we have a relatively short waiting list and we are able to deliver the dog to you. Pre-Trained Dogs- These dogs are pre-trained for people who are unable to or don't have the time to train the dog themselves.
Canine Capable does accept already-owned dogs into our training program, however the dog must pass a temperament test and be between the ages of 8 weeks-4 years. Our experience and commitment to training service dogs for those who need them is second to none.

Our dogs have the capabilities to assist people with physical impairments to make day by day life more convenient as well to ensure the safety and well-being of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.
This allows everyone the opportunity to see the service dog perform in the environment that it will live and work in everyday as opposed to a training facility where it is comfortable.
There is a waiting list for these types of dogs as they are "trained to order" we do not mass train multiple dogs at once. Autism assistance dogs often times assist these children with sleeping better at night by reducing their risk of insomnia, interrupting repetitive behaviors, and accompanying them to school, doctor visits, and helping them with their daily interactions with others. We currently offer these service dogs for sale or can train your personal dog upon completion of our assistance dog evaluation. The dog is a companion that will not only bring comfort to the child, but the dog gives the child something to bond to.

We will also train an existing dog as long as it passes our service dog temperament and trainability testing.
Service dogs can be taught to retrieve items, apply deep pressure, tracking and scent discrimination, turn on and off light switches, pull and walk beside wheel chairs, open and close doors, balance unsteady people, etc.

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