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Dog Training Instructor Classes offered a range from puppy instructor, beginner to advanced obedience instructor, agility instructor and protection instructor.
Dog Training Instructor Classes are aimed at teaching humane methods to improve the dog and handlers lives.
SADTC holds seminars on new and different spheres of training, from puppies to protection and more. Come visit us on a Saturday morning and see what we do and how much fun you can have with a pup or older dogs. I have explored and investigated many different courses on the subject of dogs and was very lucky to find  the South African Dog Training College. Chris, Christine, Biata and of course Ayla have developed an experience that not only teaches but gives the layman hands on experience with all types of dogs. Your dedication and passion has inspired me to go and find my little niche in the dog world and achieve some of the good you have. ONE OF OUR STUDENTS WHO NOW HAS HIS OWN TRAINING CLUB, DURING OBEDIENCE AND PROTECTION TRAINING. I've started with the Jack Russels here with basic obedience and I have to be honest, I was postponing it because seeing them again and not being there with you guys and all the well disciplined dogs I thought it would be a difficult task.  But Oh my goodness!!!
Things like that just motivates me more and confirms that Dog Behaviour and training is what I want to get into.
I really enjoyed the practical aspects of working with dogs as well as the theory, a great deal of things make profound sense now, wow!  I enjoyed both presenters with their incredible knowledge and experience.
I am going to do as much as I can through SA Dog Training College and truly grateful that I have found  the amazing Chris & Christine and I hope one to be working alongside the best! Im actually working and training with detection dogs and we travel all over the states for searches.
The dog training instructor level 1 course was packed with theory and practical applications, and included a lifetime of your personal experiences and knowledge.
You are open-minded, always encouraging us to think out of the box (which includes thinking like a dog), fun to be around and to learn from!
I definitely intend to pursue my desire to work with dogs in the future as well as giving back to the community. To future instructors: If you are considering the course and have the heart, desire and a passion for dogs you will not regret it! I'm now sole owner of the training school and I already have 3 new handlers since the start of January. Its like I know the dog more than I know my self, I'll neva forget what u guy taught me, thanks a million, I will come every weekend to see u guys. Thank you for an amazing course - it's been worth it a thousand times over and I am excited about going home to work on my dogs and to start helping other people and, as soon as I can get a spot ready on the farm, to start giving classes and do in-board training. All the information that you supplied on the course will be very helpful in the days to come, as a reference book and a guide to solving any problems and difficult challenges with people and their dogs. Ek mis julle en  die training baie wens ek kon ook elke week daar wees om saam met julle te train. I am starting my classes on Sat 12 and on the 22nd i will have a third class starting with 5 new dogs so that will be 3 classes on a Sat.
I met up with Colin this morning, he is assisting me with the rehab of a foster dog I have taken in. I will continue to refer people to you guys and spread the word of what you guys and the dogs can do in their lives.

I have been a handler at SADTC for almost 9 years - my mom and I have been training our two adorable X-breeds (Charlie and Rose) there since they were 6 months old! I know that every now and then we encounter bumps in the road but I would like to congratulate you guys on the absolute stunning job you are doing with and for the dogs out there and want to encourage you to keep going strong. Obedience Training In addition to learning all voice and hand commands, all behavioral problems are corrected in 8 weeks. Protection TrainingAn increasingly popular training to help ensure & protect your family's safety.
Buy A Fully Trained Protection DogYou would like to receive a fully trained protection dog to your door.
We are conveniently located for private in home dog training in Evergreen, in addition to in home dog training in Denver, Conifer, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Greenwood Village, and much more! Dog training can begin for puppies starting at 3 months old.  That can mean you could have a fully off leashed trained dog by 5 months old. After 35+ years of dog training, in addition to working with police departments, training dogs for professional athletes and celebrities, and endorsed by local animal shelters, we have the ability to transform your dog into a well mannered dog you will happily welcome into your home. Before attending dog training in Evergreen at Mountain Canine College, almost all of our dog owners have said what you might be thinking before they got started. Students who progress to the upper level courses will take the dogs on everyday errands to incorporate training sessions. Once the public access training is complete, each student and assistant dog undergoes a transition period during their last semester in which students help teach the recipient what the dog has been taught. Pastore hopes to become a school psychologist to help children through the use of an assistance dog after graduation. Both students and paws4people staff stress the time commitment and responsibility required for training. Pastore ensured that the service dog training was her priority, while also learning how to manage her time for her other classes. Since starting the program, Henry most enjoys seeing college-aged students undergoing a selfless experience. Kaitlyn Russell is a student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and is a spring 2015 Collegiate Correspondent. It is very hard to find an instructors course that will give such coverage of all the facets of dog training. I will be joining you on Saturday mornings, starting this coming Saturday, 29 March, to continue my training and get some experience while helping you and Christine and the other instructors.
Even as a Vet, I learnt a new dimension to show love,care and the easiest way to relate dogs body language to enhance better communication between us and the dogs.
I can see from the way you speak and the way you work with the dogs your immense heart and capacity for compassion.
My pet sitting business did amazing this year and the clients asked me to work with their dogs a bit as a trail run for training as well. You were right when you told us the first evening that this will not only teach us about dogs, but also about humans and ourselves. I hope that you will continue your parent’s amazing work for many years to come as I can see that love for the dogs in you too. I started to help my friend out with her dogs, was quite shocked when I heard her views of how much work the dogs are. They loooove going to training  - they get us out of bed at 6am every Saturday morning (even in winter)!

Puppy training, obedience training, problem behavior modification, & protection training. After those 8 weeks of training, we provide a guarantee of our training for the life of your dog. After a recent move to Evergreen from upstate New York, my two large mixed breed dogs began acting out in a very aggressive and rambunctious way. I was bitten many times by dogs growing up and was not really excited about having a dog so I insisted that we get a puppy so I can learn to love him. Since her program completion she has completed an internship at the paws4people training center.
The training work and books show how  many years of experience the family have and the many hours it must have taken to develop and produce. He had no training at all and by the time our session was over, he walked on a leash, could sit and down. But Z would be to make a difference in this world not only to the dogs but to people through the dogs because they can do it so much better than we humans can ever wish to do it. So, if you have a passion for working with dogs you will not make a mistake by doing the Course!
Maybe you already know or have met a dog or VERY HAPPY dog owner who has completed our program and you want to experience that too! Also I have started to think out of the box when faced with tricky challenges in training.
I also worked with some dogs who had behaviour problems and the people were so thankful and impressed with the results when they got back they even gave me a bonus. She also hasn’t been exposed to leash training and prior to this morning with Colin, she didn’t want to walk on the tar roads. To the other instructors at SADTC, it was a pleasure to meet you and inspiring to see what the products are of Chris and Christine’s work in terms of instructor training.
Not only did Paul help me train my dogs, but he did an excellent job channeling their energy in a much more constructive direction. Our half mastiff half hound dog (Black Mouth Cur) had me wanting to return him after 2 weeks. The first year my dad had to go with me to distract the dog so that he doesn't bite me when I give him food and water.
Also had appointment with Cocker rescue, beautiful dog, got him nice and calm at the gate, opened it and walked him out. Whether you have a difficult dog or not, if you hire Paul, you’re going to see results.
It is so amazing how well the methods that you guys taught us work, but i have realised that it is all about attitude and reading the dogs behaviour. They both starting next week Thurs and i should be seeing another client on weekend whose dog has separation anxiety.

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