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I just wanted to thank Pamela of Far Fetched Tales dog training for helping me so much with my dog Desi. Far Fetched Tales Dog TrainingPrivate Lesson Comment: Orange Park, FL Thanks so much for teaching Jake and I all his new tricks.
I’ve been doing this a long time and have both experienced a number of trainers and have trained beginners classes myself, although its obvious I’ve forgotten a lot!
The three things I especially have noticed is your ability to identify a specific point in the dogs behavior and go back to reinforce that point. Tracee’s knowledge of canine behavior and training has also been independently validated by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Tracee has over five hundred hours training dogs and their people, she is passionate about the human-animal bond and has a soft spot for fearful and anxious dogs.
Outside of dog training Tracee spent five years volunteering in search and rescue, trained and was certified as a volunteer firefighter. Club Player commenced in 2002 and places its top priority on first class customer service and secure web transactions, all within a fun and entertaining environment.

IE missing the first jump in a…Agility Student's Comments About Dog Training We are so happy with the care for our Lab and for the excellent dog training she is undergoing. She has many, many years of experience, knowledge and patience in the animal training field and I wouldn't recommend anyone else." - Stephanie P. We have been practicing our homework, and when we went for a walk today, he didn't even look at the dog he normally wants to attack! Then she earned a Canine Good Citizen certificate and a Pet Partners registration with her dog, Maddy, which allowed them to visit at a hospital for four years in animal therapy. Thanks to Pamela and her awesome training methods, Desi now walks calmly beside me, comes when called and is learning to ignore distractions and focus on ME. This was his first walk where we came across another dog since you were here on Thursday, that's only 3 days ago! We were so…Private Lesson I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with you in the dog training of our cocker spaniel. Since her move to Jacksonville, FL in June 2015 she has developed a successful business and earned many more happy clients making dog training fun and easy for the whole family.

Cocker spaniels are not known for their ease of training but your taking the individual time that you took with Mrs. She customizes her training to each person who…Cooper - King Charles Spaniel We have been your agility students for approximately seven months, and have learned a great deal from you. Brady is young German Shepard and extremely energetic.  He shows a great deal of interest in other dogs and is easily distracted. I too have learned a great deal from you.  Your personal…Agility Student Remarks on Dog Training Pamela is AWESOME!

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