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Sit Means Sit Columbus, Ohio dog training is located in Carroll, Ohio and services the Columbus Metro area and other areas within a 50 mile radius of the location. Our mission is the create happy, confident, and obedient dogs, with happy, confident, and satisfied owners. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have about dog training and look forward to working with you and your family to help create the dog of your dreams.
In 2009, Terry opened his Sit Means Sit Columbus franchise, which he is still actively involved with six days a week.
Terry currently owns three dogs and the working breed are his favorite to work with because they enjoy having their mind stimulated, which gives them the capability to accomplish anything.
She is currently working with other trainers for Schutzhund training in hopes of getting her BH title. If you are looking for a happy, confident, obedient dog, off leash and under control, Sit Means Sit is the right place for you. It is vital when trying to build up dog confidence that you show good canine leadership to your dog. Feed your dog after you, with this have your dog show manners before receiving its food source.
Don’t allow your dog to meet and greet your visitors until your dog is calm and relaxed. If you have a dog that likes to go outside and run for a while, then your dog is bound to want to go outside in the cold in the winter. So there you have some cold weather tips for dogs so that you can make sure that both you and your dog remain happy throughout colder months of the year.
In addition to working with this 4-month-old golden retriever, the trainer taught the owners young boys how to behave around dogs.
Sit and stay awhile as a few highly rated Columbus-area dog trainers speak about the ins and outs of training your furry friend.
Doran: The two-week course — which includes the training, boarding, food and expenses — is $700. Kantak: Group training is the least expensive training option, but you don’t get as individualized as I do.
Twin Cities animal trainers give expert tips on  pet training, pricing and methods of teaching to Angie's List magazine.
We want your dog to run and play when they want to AND to come to you when you call them back to you 100% of the time, the first time you call. As the owner and head trainer of Sit Means Sit Columbus, Terry’s favorite part about dog training is to have the ability to educate people on how to train their dogs while increasing the canine’s quality of life.

She started out as a client and her passion for dog training grew while she finished her in-home private lessons with DeeDee.
She currently has two dogs and working breeds are her favorite to work with because of their drive. The level of obedience the dogs performed at while paying full attention to their trainers amazed him. His favorite dog breeds to work with are Border Collies and Dutch Shepherds due to their astounding ball drive with a personality to please no matter what is asked of them. She says he is absolutely the perfect dog for this job because he is willing and loves to work.
She does help Megan with shy, timid and nervous dogs that come in for board and trains though. This is because there may be salt, antifreeze, and other substances in the snow that can be potentially dangerous to a dog when they lick themselves. This is one of the most common winter dog tips that you will hear because the car can get cold fast, just like it can heat up fast in the summer. In this case, only take your dog outside to do his or her business and then come right back inside.
We use positive reinforcement methods because we want the dog to enjoy their training with lots of encouragement. Other classes start at $20 a session; specialty classes like scent detection start at $30 a class and have more trainers. We never give up because a dog is “too stubborn” or “too hyper” or “too _______.” Our experienced and dedicated trainers love working with dogs and also with people.
Terry is a certified Sit Means Sit trainer and has training in Schutzhund, Narcotics and Explosives along with Personal Protection.
Seeing the families hard work pay off with their dog during private in-home lessons makes it all worth it to Terry. Prior to making dog training her full time job with Sit Means Sit Columbus, Megan worked eight years at a vet clinic where she was the Head Kennel Manager. The best part about her job is the transformation in dogs from when they enter the facility to when their family picks them up.
Abraham’s favorite part about his job is having the ability to help people improve their relationship with their dog.
We also use this area for private sessions held at our facility and board and train sessions. If you follow these basic steps, you’ll find an increase in your dog confidence levels.

And we want them to do that RELIABLY. Not just because it’s cool to have an obedient dog, but because sometimes, its necessary for your dog to obey keep them safe and out of trouble. The gratitude shown by families upon picking up their dog(s) is beyond rewarding, they are always relieved that from here on forward they won’t have to think about re-homing their dog ever again.
Abraham was a horse trainer for many years and trained dogs on the side when time permitted before joining Sit Means Sit Columbus. Terry purchased Pharaoh when he was five years old from another Sit Means Sit trainer while attending school in Las Vegas. This dog has lived with them in five homes and seen the birth of all three of their children.
If you exude confidence yourself, this will rub off on your pet in the shape of increased dog confidence.
Abraham had his dog Glory trained in basic obedience but with the Sit Means Sit training method he was able to take her to a whole new level when it came to off leash distance training. The appreciation and smiles that Abraham receives make his dog training profession completely worth it. She is a constant in their lives and, despite being old, she continues to be the epitome of a dog’s loyalty to their family.
Nylaih excels in almost any dog-related field of training, her energy and focus is outstanding.
The biggest challenge that Lily has overcome is learning not to play rough with other dogs.
The best advice Megan can give about APBT is to get them trained and socialized because this breed is looked down upon due to their stigma.
Best advice Abraham would give someone interested in rescuing a dog that is skittish and lacks confidence is to always be kind hearted and patient.
Overall, Terry says these are fun dogs to own and will definitely make you smile and laugh.
Besides working on Ziggy’s BH title Megan hopes to have Ziggy certified as a therapy dog because of his personality and love for people.
They require a strong dog handler plus a lot of exercise every day due to being a working breed.

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