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Apply Nature’s Miracle No-Chew Bitter Taste Spray to area where dog frequently chews. Provide appropriate chew toys: Dogs (puppies especially) use their mouths to explore the world around them.
Ease separation anxiety and stress:Many dogs chew to relieve stress caused by change or separation anxiety.
Get your dog plenty of exercise: Dogs often chew as a result of an overactive mind and an abundance of energy. Reprimand your dog in the act: Reprimanding your dog for chewing is most effective when they are actually in the act.
Bitter taste sprays like Nature’s Miracle No-Chew Bitter Taste Spray are only effective with dogs that inherently dislike bitter tastes.

Simply spray the product onto an area where your dog frequently chews and gently press dog’s mouth onto treated area to allow him to taste the product. Teaching your dog obedience skills can help to curb this behavior as well as give them a more constructive outlet for their energy. Built-in bittering agents leave an unpleasant flavor that safely discourages your dog from repeating negative chewing and self-biting behavior. Teach your dog early on what is an appropriate chew toy by placing toys in their living spaces, playing with toys, and providing plenty of options. The amount of exercise your dog needs everyday will depend largely on their personality, breed, and disposition. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, be sure to get toys that can withstand daily wear and tear and avoid fluffy toys that can be easily ripped apart and consumed.

If your dog’s separation anxiety is triggered by the sound of keys or your leaving routine, try altering your behavior from time to time. To get the most out of Nature’s Miracle No-Chew Bitter Taste Spray, try training in conjunction with the tips below. Help your dog to associate the crate with positive feelings by providing little treats and a comfortable place to sleep.

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