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Q: Sometimes my dog gets really excited about going on a walk and he will jump and chew at the leash. Other dogs are over-aroused, and the easiest way to release tension is to bite on the leash. Then there are dogs who simply prefer to carry something in their mouths; for these dogs, the leash serves as a sort of pacifier. There are a variety of ways to teach your dog to walk politely on leash without biting or jumping, but I have a few favorites that have been successful in helping clients put an end to the chewing. Once your dog is able to remain relaxed at the sight of the leash, clip the leash on his collar or harness while he remains in a sit.
It can be quite a challenge to stop your dog chewing the furniture, but with a little patience and some training techniques this annoying behavior can be nipped in the bud. As a pet owner you first need to realize that dogs start chewing objects when they start teething. If you leave your dog alone at home and return to find your furniture destroyed, you will have to take time off your schedule to monitor your pet’s behavior and get him to unlearn bad habits.
Some pets may get accustomed to chewing furniture when they’re bored, anxious or missing your presence in the house. My pup Athena keeps chewing on her leash to the point that it's unraveling & pretty soon it's gonna break. Also I've gotten her a dog bed to sleep in during the day so she doesn't have to sleep in the crate all the time.

You could also try getting a new leash with a different material, that might help curb the biting. When your dog is walking calmly on a loose leash, no one pays attention to him, but when he acts out, the focus shifts directly to him. In the shelter situation, dogs frequently grab and chew on the leash, often when first taken out of the kennel and led with other dogs.
Rather than reprimanding your dog for tugging and mouthing, teach him to relax at the sight of the leash. This teaches your dog to see the leash as a cue for relaxation, rather than as a trigger for excitable mouthing. To stop the dog chewing the furniture in such cases you should give your pet some toys that are stuffed with treats. I made the mistake of letting her chew on it a little when we first brought her home but now I can't get her to stop.
High-energy, playful dogs with a difficult time soothing themselves when overwhelmed are most likely to exhibit this behavior, but it can become an ingrained habit in any dog.
The more intense the situation and the more wound up a dog is, the more likely that leash biting will occur. Instead of preventing your pet from chewing altogether, you must give him other objects to chew on so that he doesn’t destroy your furniture. However every time I put the dog bed out she pulls it across the room and jumps in it and starts using her teeth to sort of tear at it.

Begin by rewarding the previously trained behavior of relaxing at the sight of the leash and sitting for the leash clipping. I usually hook her up with the leash to the post at the bottom of the stairs in my house so she doesn't go wandering and get into trouble. I've tried telling her 'no' many times and even holding onto the leash so she can't chew but when I turn my head for a second she's back to it again. As your dog stays relaxed, touch and move the leash while continuing to reward his calm behavior.
If your dog starts mouthing or tugging at the leash, freeze in place and ignore him; this stops both the walk and the reward of your interaction.
Now she is teething but she has plenty of chewing toys and when I offer them to her she doesn't seem interested & will try to chew on her leash instead. You should therefore let your pet know who’s the master and get him to obey your commands by using appropriate training techniques to stop your dog chewing the furniture. Lastly, to stop the dog chewing the furniture, be consistent in your training, avoid physically punishing your pet as it will only frighten him, and shower praise when he uses the toy instead of your furniture.

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