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Kaboom and Michigan Dog Training pay respect to Diesel, everyone who fight the evil ISIS and those families affected by the horrors of terrorism. After you have practiced the above step for one or two days, hold the treat slightly out to your side and wait for your dog to look back at you. If 60 seconds or more has gone by, say “nope” (saying nope instead of “no” makes it difficult for you to put negative intonation to the word as the dog is just confused and not being disobedient) and walk away from your dog. As your dog becomes more proficient with longer stares trying changing the hand position of the distracting treat: A) held in the opposite hand out to the side, B) treats held in both hands that are held alongside your body in neutral positions so now your dog has to look past the hands instead of just away from your hands, C) treat is placed on a counter top so the food is off your person, etc. As a last challenge, position yourself in front of a mirror or looking out a window at night time so you can see your dog’s reflection.
Its an old video as Michigan Dog Training used to be called Michael Burkey’s Canine Behavioral Training (but that was too long of a name). On July 8, 2015 Michael Burkey CEO and Dog Behaviorist at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan gave Dog Bite Prevention Tips to 40 United Parcel Service (UPS) employees.
Taylor bravely put on a bite sleeve and received several bites from Burkey’s dog Kaboom, a Belgian Malinois. To arrange safety talks for your employees or to schedule dog training for your dog, contact Michigan Dog Training at 734-634-4152. When trainers get new puppies they are reminded first hand of what our clients experience raising their own puppies.
As reported earlier, Kaboom, a Belgian Malinois trained by Michael Burkey, Movie Dog Trainer for Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan was an invited guest at the premier showing of the movie they appeared in, entitled “Mr. As reported earlier, Kaboom a Belgian Malinois trained and handled by Michael Burkey, President of Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan has become a dog movie star.
The DMWYD program is taught by instructors at MDT.  To earn the Novice title, a dog has to demonstrate 15 tricks.

Here is a video showing what Fasa, a Belgian Malinois has learned in only three NoseWork sessions at Michigan Dog Training LLC.
Here is a video showing what is expected for a dog to compete in Novice Level NoseWork indicating on the target odor of Birch oil. On June 3, 2015 a Michigan Dog Training Academy student and four Michigan Dog Trainers (MDT) trained by Michael Burkey passed with flying colors a comprehensive Remote Training Collar written exam at MDT in Plymouth, Michigan. A dog that pays attention to you is less likely to miss obedience cues and is less likely to be distracted or afraid of it’s environment. When your dog looks up at your face, mark the desired behavior by saying “yes”, “good”, or push the button of a clicker. As your dog becomes more experienced at eye attention, expect a longer stare at your face before marking and rewarding the behavior.
Mark and reward your dog’s attentive behavior even though you are not looking directly at your dog. So it’s an older video and a great teaching video as well as good memories of my dog Simone, a Belgian Malinois who crossed over five years ago at the wise old age of 16. It’ll be a fun time to not only get your puppy trained but also to train alongside our dog trainers and their puppies. And, by that we mean three MDT trainers (Erica Hensley, Matthew Lamarand, and Ashley Williams) have been smitten with puppy love as they have become the proud parents of two puppies; Drogo, a Belgian Malinois and Falkor, a Dutch Shepherd. During his adjustment to freedom, he befriends a dog (Kaboom) or we really should say the dog befriends the man and ends up being the hero in the movie. He will present a two-day NoseWork Seminar October 12-13, 2013 at MDT’s building in Plymouth, Michigan. Diesel was a 7 year old Belgian Malinois trained to detect explosives was apparently the first to be sent into the apartment to assess the level of danger.

Below is a video of Michael and his dog Simone demonstrating what it looks like once it is taught.
Now a third MDT trainer has followed suit, Ashaleena Williams of Canton, Michigan and her pup Viktor, a Vizsla. Earlier scenes were shot in late summer of 2013 in Tecumseh, Michigan which included an action scene where Burkey was not only the dog trainer on set but also a stunt man for one of the characters.  The movie was written by the lead character of the film, Alan Maki and the Director is Shaun Maki of Panting Deer Productions LLC. Remote training collars allow dogs to learn dog training skills quickly through low level tactile stimulation and with great reliability.  Additionally, the MDT Trainers successfully passed a mentoring training program enabling them to become remote collar specialists. Instead, your dog should learn that offering this behavior results in positive things, whether that be treats, a ball, or praise. For more information check out our website at Michigan Dog Training located in Plymouth, Michigan or call us at 734-634-4152. And because no one can never get tired of seeing puppy pictures please see the rest of the pics on the Michigan Dog Training Facebook page. Instead, find something to place between yourself and the dog and stand like a tree giving no direct eye contact to the dog.
As one who loves to problem solve, this was one of the most intriguing aspects of dog training I’ve experienced thus far.
Upon release, he seeks redemption in the town of Tecumseh, Michigan through his ailing father, a young boy and a dog.
Michael Burkey was the on set Animal Trainer as well as the stuntman taking the bite from Kaboom.  Annie Zhao Yang assisted Burkey with the animal scenes.

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