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One during the 3 week period and one at pick up and one after the training to help ease their dog back into the home environment.
Keep in mind the dog is with me for many hours and potty training requires management and a great deal of supervision in the early stages. If a pet is to be dropped off on Sunday, there will be a pre-paid $100.00 charge in addition to the regular boarding fee.

Baths: Any dog boarded more than 3 days (participating in Interactive Daycare) or 5 days (private yard time) will receive a bath. We do offer discounts for additional pets from the same household and for long term boarding.
Home pick up and delivery is generally scheduled after our Pet Boarding Facility closes for the day.

There is no charge for pets picked up or dropped off at any of our Dog Training Class locations (Metairie, Westbank, Northshore) provided class is being held that night.

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