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Fill these reusable 8 oz tube with high quality canned dog food, raw diet, cream cheese, goat cheese or cooked ground meat with gravy, etc.
Because canned dog food is a complete and balance diet, they can subtract food given at training time from the dogs regular meal. Our Direct Ship, Bulk Dog Food program allows volume buyers to access the best possible prices while enjoying Free Shipping and Direct Delivery.

When it is time to deliver positive reinforcement, simply let the dog lick the opening of the tube.
This is especially helpful for dogs getting a lot of training, small dogs, puppies and dogs with sensitive tummies. Blitz, my eternally distracted puppy, was a model student last night in obedience class, thanks to the combination of a day spent in daycare (to tire him out a little) and a can of dog food in the food tube.

It really helps keep her focused on me, and since we received the food tube, we've actually graduated from our first clicker class.

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