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We carry top rated foods, the table at the bottom of the page shows the ratings for the food we carry. The popular pet food brands Ol' Roy, Pedigree, Kibbles N' Bits, Beneful, MediCal, Eukanuba, IAMS, Authority, Purina ONE, Nutram, Nature's Recipe, Nutrience, Merrick, Blue Buffalo, Pulsar, Horizon, go!, now, Acana, and Orijen go head to head in this dog and cat food comparison chart.
Chelated is a fancy term, but essentially it means that the minerals in your pet's food have been altered so that they can be absorbed better by your dog or cat's body.
Most low quality pet foods include necessary minerals - but they are in a form that is not easily absorbed by your pet's digestive system. With recent pet food import scares, many pet owners are concerned about the quality of their pet food ingredients and what countries those ingredients are sourced from.
Europe, Canada, and the United States have high standards when it comes to food processing - and pet food processing recently is being watched more closely.

While not extensive, this dog and cat food comparison chart can give you a good idea of where common pet food brands stand nutrionally. No surprise it should make up most of the first 6 ingredients in your pet food ingredient list - which lists by weight in descending order. While corn, white rice, wheat, and other grains provide bulk to pet food, they do little nutrition-wise. Whenever possible, choose pet food brands that source their materials from regions in these areas (or a trusted source close to your location). If your pet food is not on the list, look at your pet food ingredients, and see where your food would recieve checkmarks, and where other brands do it better. After all, your pet's food affects every aspect of their health, and even can determine how long they live and what kind of quality of life they have.

Prebiotics are important because they are foods that "feed" that good probiotic bacteria, keeping your pet's system functioning at full capacity.
With our pet food comparison chart, you can make the best decision for your pet's nutrition.

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