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In choosing for the right collar for your dogs, you should first take into consider the purpose of using those collars in order to make sure the comfy and safety of your dogs. As we all know, there are collars especially made for training them, just walking them on a leash, for controlling especially the stubborn ones, for fashion, and of course, for identification. For training collars, most dog owners usually prefer chain slip collars, the choke chains, or choke collars. There is also one kind called break away collar that makes the dog to break free in certain situations, so as not to get the dog strangled or hurt.

It is most important that you know how to use these collars properly, to avoid hurting your dogs. Before buying a collar for your dog, just make sure you know its purpose and should know how to use it properly. These are perfect for training your dogs to walk on a leash, and other simple tricks which do not cause him to get stuck somewhere when his collar is caught into something which may hurt him. Although with this kind of collar, you should always keep a name tag with your dog with your current contact details, in case that he get out of your sight.

Also make sure that you do not keep them unattended while wearing these collars, especially the training types such as the prong collars, because they may cause your dog to get choked if left unsupervised.
While others also prefer the use of metal prong collars for more stubborn dogs, some of these guys already find their way to free themselves from this type of collar by shaking their heads until the chains loosens a bit, so some dog owners and trainers still use an additional collar for their pets aside from this.

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