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The Signature Pet soft car seat -pet carrier easily attaches with the car seat belt to keep your carrier secure in the seat. Find out what breed is (theoretically) ideal for you by using our exclusive Breed Selector tool.
A range of helpful and informative articles covering a range of topics including Behavioural Advice, Training, Common Pests, Grooming, Diet & Nutrition and General Pet Care.
The carrier has carry handles for transporting, top and front zippered doors for access, fleece pad, interior tether, and rear pouches for small storage.

Travel Safety Carrier provides a comfortable den environment with three easy access door panels, and no harness required.
When your dog rides inside this carrier they won't be thrown around the car and you'll be much less distracted knowing they are properly contained.Carrier secures easily using your car's seat belt, plus an added adjustable strap goes around most headrests to hold the carrier in place. I have a small dog as do my friends and you can SAFELY USE THIS on the front seat if your doggie is small enough not to set off the seat belt. For 40 years, Ferplast has been an undisputed international leader in the Pet Comfort sector.Originally established as a typical enterprise of the North East of Italy, today Ferplast produces over 1,800 types of products, numbers more than 1,000 employees, distributes in no less than 80 countries in five continents and has 11 trading branches in the world and 3 plants in Europe.

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